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Oh well.. It was always a gamble to bring in a starting Striker and CM with no previous experience in the league. Decent performance on another day could have w...
2 days ago
Don't be so dramatic guys.. It's a Derby after all. City took their time before nicking it in the dying minutes of the game.
If Morata is out and Batshuayi isn't fit then we should play Hazard-Pedro as the 2 up front.
Http:// That's more like it. This is the mentality every Chelsea fan should embr...
3 days ago
I'd fancy our chances against any team as long as we have no injury to key players.
4 days ago
Still here buddy..cant help myself lol. Good to have u back and see u more often :)
5 days ago
What did 100m Griezmann do last night? Absolutely nothing!!! Let's give our boys a break. Sometimes u get those games where the ball wouldn't go in and add to t...
6 days ago
I have never been prouder (except for our 2011-12 CL campaign) of our team in terms of performance against a big European team over 2 legs. Roma was an anomaly ...
Exactly. With the way we have made Atletico look like an average team over 2 legs I don't think any team not even Barca will fancy playing us. If we are to win...
Eden Hazard vs Newcastle ; 9 shots, 6 on target best stats in the league so far. One word,Dominance! I'm very happy with where we are in the table having lost...
1 week ago
^Same here.. Always preferred Morata to Lukaku the later being too one dimensional. Also despite posting good numbers on the PL over the years most of his goals...
True....and they've been kind of lucky d last few games. Kompany should have been sent off last game and their first goal today was from a wrong free kick award...
"We didn't want to match Madrid'price and went for Lukaku instead" Wow!!! Even by ur precedents this is the most illogical sentence you ever came up with. Refus...
Bearwithfish.. Lol. Classic case of telling urself a lie long enough to believe it.
That's why I really hope we go for Laporte next summer. I shared this idea a week ago or so and sone here felt with Zouma returning we aee already well stacked ...
^Allow him his moment in the limelight good that he's found his voice can't begrudge him that.
^ Exactly. We are looking to win the league there is still way more than 11 points to play for
Very lucky.. Looks like the football gods have ordained them to be champions this season.
You have a fair point but I dont see Zouma starting here next season. I am all for our youth and loaness following in Tbo's and AC's footsteps but Zouma is far ...
With the current rumour circulating about DL leaving for RM I thought we should share our take. Mine would be that we keep him this season and if they offer 40...
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