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Madrids best playmaker ozil wasn't present aswell
5 years ago
Obviously you dont watch spanish football on a general basis
Trust me bro, people never talk about balotelli showing no emotion... haha hes a loose cannon. very bad player. Italians need to play di natale and cassano man ...
@KidultHood haha okay then bro.... that made me laugh because its just a blatant statement without anything really to back that. To be honest i think germany is...
You have taken these peoples comments the wrong way. They said their style of play is very boring to watch, and im sure that many people could agree with them o...
@Jepc92003 Lol you obviously haven't watched the germans play 11 in the box??? okay then. Spain is nothing without their legendary finisher Messi. They cant re...
Bro they dont stand a chance against germany man. They are on fire. That style of play wont work against the germans again. Real talk.
You have to remember though, germany start off slow in every tournament and progressively get better and better.
Very bad defending by germany, leaving space everywhere. I think Neuer could have saved a few of those also. The swiss played well to be fair. Still have no dou...
That is ludicrous! why would anyone question poldis ability. He can play far better in that position. And if there were to be someone else to replace him it wou...
6 years ago
Play muller or podolski up front. they can both play as finishers. Gomez is not a clutch player meaning he cant play in big games
2nd one for sure.... goetze wont get much time because ozil is far better. need podolski on the wing for his speed. Muller good attacker. ozil because he's most...
Yeah mate. Petr Cech like a fuken Kraaken in goal.
As much as i agree withyou, germany now has the second best national team in the world... they are clutch man. Chelsea made their luck today and changed history...
Agreed Mesut Ozil will be a legend, and he has prooved to the world that he is one in the making. 23 years of age and hes smashing it. And fuk fifa hes only 86....
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