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Quite a coincidence guys!!!the names of some of the best players in the world are in the best goals of the week...
6 years ago
I definitely hoped for a draw but City had the edge to nail it...only Arshavin seemed to be the weak link...had a lot of expectations when he had come on...
Wat a superb match guys...Man United getting back in top shape...Berbatov being stylish in his finishing as always n Rooney with his cracker i must say will tak...
Awesome game...passing was too good...n all i can say about C.ron is somebody Please! tell him to keep it coming more n more only to grab the Ballon d'or and th...
Hey take it easy man...he must ve stumbled into the wrong page...cut him some slack...American____
YUP...Sir Alex s jst gonna sit back with his feet up on the table n take it as it comes...m sure he knows wat he's doing!
Yeah nice one!!!
7 years ago
Oh man!!!Ozil's run was just too good...and if Maria goes on like this he s gonna be the new age Nasri or something...
Amen to that dude...its high time u guys returned the favor with a fit squad unlike the last time...Good Luck!!!
Hey moron open ur eyes n see...United won for ur say who was better...lame moron!!!
Seriously!!!Nasri and Fabre are on fire man...these guys are simply geniuses...if only Arsh would step up then i for one believe u guys d be unstoppable... u ve...
It was a stand off to decide who had the worst defence! THAT'S IT!!!
Guys i just read this on the newspaper that Kaka might be moved to United on a loan n then followed by a complete this true:-(
I ve got nothing else to say but this...its high time that somebody just snatches that No.7 shirt from Owen n gives it to Chicharito or Nani...i d consider Chic...
Dude what the hell on earth is itching u...u worry about what has to be done with your fav least u were beaten by United!!!
Well guys i for one still believe in the duo-Gerard and Torres...i still believe in what Torres once said that they ve a Liverpool side that can take on a team ... you wish u the same!!!
Thank you guys...u have a good one too...n thank you for making a difference!!!
Gooner...there u are again...Amen to that Cjayzz...havent u had enough already from the man utd forum gooner?
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