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PC master race.
2 days ago
Nah, he's been on the bench for every game so far. I think he may start against Schalke though.
3 days ago
Good stuff Aston Villa... good stuff.
Lol we could play at Wembley ;).
5 days ago
6 days ago
Fifa 15 demo is out for PC in case anyone is interested.
1 week ago
I was upset last year when EA was like "Most people on PC wouldn't be able handle ignite for fifa 14" Or along those lines. So this is nice.
He's worth more than James Rodriguez that's for sure.
I have a piece of cake! HA... beat that Joeymac.
Lol at the ref in the Germany Scotland game.
Its not cursed lol Torres was just awful. Schurrle is no. 9 for Germany should get number 9 for us.
NAOTA updated his profile
:|* Right.... So that means Costa is 90 along with half of our team?
I kind of feel he's almost too young to be a captain.
De Gea was just rooted. Great goal.
Hazards probably 86 as well.
James Rodriguez is 86? Lol wtf.
I'm getting it on PC since they are finally using the next-gen engine. :D
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