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I normally enjoy watching teams play with 6 defensive players and 4 offensive players, where one is a pure striker and the others being a mix of AM, Winger and ...
Nice to watch the team come together and fight for a win, you could see that it meant something for them! D'Ambro and Ranoch raised their game but they can sti...
4 days ago
Herna does look like a panic purchase but he did offer more than Kova did for Maz and is still a good player to have considering the squad we have... eitherway,...
From what I've seen from M'Vila and the way Vidic has adapted to the team, they sure do look inspired signings, considering their cost and additional value, jus...
5 days ago
With Lamela scoring two goals and Roma parading their new signing Ucan, you're left wondering what could've been and where does Roma find these players!?! besid...
1 week ago
Just saw our game against prato and i hope it's just the effects of pre-season training and tired/heavy legs but didn't really get that excited about the season...
Amazing stats, i also saw the list of admirers! wonder if he is just a one season star or if he'll continue to get better
Did anyone get a wind of this kid firmino? looks like if if lamela and jovetic had a kid, he'd play like this kid! almost like ronaldinho-esque but just barely ...
Land Obi and Song? is that even possible for this inter?! a midfield of M'Vila-Obi-Song? Maz would have a field day with his wingers! his stock of 4 wingers wou...
I'm familiar with ola, he is no zlatan and compares more to michu but i wouldn't sacrifice him for palacio, he does have some talent but it'll be a gamble, much...
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Cheers for the info on Dodô. Good luck in the open Serie A this year!
Considering the team we already have and if we sell nago, jonathan, palacio and kuz, and we use the formation that's been talked about for this season, the 4-3-...
It won't be easy filling in capitanos shoes but ranoch has a whole new page to fill and make it his own, it's a privilege for him to captain this team, hope he ...
Allegri won the scudetto with milan in his first season with them, he'll get a better team and has proven to be a capable coach... the only problem is him facin...
2 weeks ago
Don't count juve out just yet, if they sold those two, imagen the cash they'll be able to ask for! and their management have been spot on lately with their sign...
The fact that he took a pay cut and choice inter, aside from cambi gone and him being disillusioned with life in russia, puts him in a favourable light for me.....
It's always nice to get excited about the team during the summer transfer frenzy as during the season, no matter the hype or talk... the result during the wkend...
I kinda feel bad for silver, i still remember what zamp said about him after his transfer to inter! with thohir mentioning donkor and mbaye along with andreo......
It's never easy coming off from the bench into a world cup final, even higuain missed his chance after starting it... unless your name is gotze and the argentin...
With the way wm has been speaking before season, he intends to get the most out of this squad and with the senators gone, he might command a bit more in the dre...
3 months ago
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