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Ganso + Balo + Depay + extra striker? for Herna, Guarin and Icardi? not a bad deal! Bozo was a holder for Croatia and even showed some more maturity than Kova i...
5 days ago
Cheers Spigy!
6 days ago
Kono and Depay remind me of Shaq and Podo! perhaps Kono wouldn't be a bad idea to have in the team considering depay is similar to Podo! and once Podo's loan fi...
I thought they again played a 3-4-3 formation... weird but that's the same way they played against Genoa and it worked that time but Empoli really brought their...
1 week ago
Yeah i missed the match too, was holding out to see the full game but had to finally give in and watch the highlights instead :P, if you do find a good site, le...
Some of the new signings are having effect on the team already, it's been a mix of good and bad and the game against empoli will really test mancini, we'll see ...
Too bad about lavezzi but palacio/podolski should be a good combo to replace him and hopefully shaqiri lives up his hype and doesn't become a new quaresma... pa...
2 weeks ago
It was nice to see palacio going again in their last game! and it showed how much he means to this team, played better than our new signing podolski! and i can ...
Like mr benitez said, time will tell! they haven't had much time with their new team but you'd hope they'll settle in quickly and perform adequately!
Will be curious to see who will leave the club, osvaldo seems like the most likely and they will use that money to instead land podolski, if guarin stays then m...
Shaqiri comes from one of the best teams in the world and podolski is a world cup winner, even though he wasn't vital to their success, nevertheless a much need...
3 weeks ago
Besides that, it was great to see the commitment from the team, perhaps players like icardi and kova lack that experience to keep a cool head in games like this...
8 mil? read that psg valued him 20 mil! even shaqiri is tagged with 14 mil... well, at least both of them can defend and have the stamina to track back and push...
Just read mancini's interview and he clearly sees podolski as a striker or second striker and still wants two new wingers and i also keep reading about lavezzi ...
Forget icardi, i'd be curious to see how well he links up with palacio, as he reminds me of him in his playing style! there are a couple of more players inter h...
M'vila was overlooked by Maz and he isn't having much luck with mancini, the last game he played was full of errors and he even lashed out when he came off!? I ...
1 month ago
Mancini has luckly publicly demanded wingers and a dm but mostlt wingers so at this point, the best the club could do would be to find an alternative to palacio...
11+4+5? that's as much as they've spend on herna! and those players would've been of more use now than a single player... manolos does seem quality but he lacks...
This team should forget about cl or el and players should concentrate on fighting to keep their shirt, perhaps it would've been a great idea to sell ranoch and ...
That type of player reminds me of hernanes! too bad he lacks on the tackling department... as of now, mancini has been fielding kuz-medel-guarin in midfield, i'...
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