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Maz wasn't just throwing around flattery when he said Iachini is a good coach, I've seen inter struggling with creating chances and then in their last serie a g...
1 day ago
Well i just watched milan-juve and was wondering how they're holding up and it's still bizzare to see allegri in the juve dugout and was surprised to see pogba ...
2 days ago
Im more curious to see how they'll play tomorrow, hope to see crisetig and longo on the field... smartest thing to do would be to invest with milan but since no...
Since Campo is in his last year and he is a good backup, for now, i rather see M'Baye and M'Vila to do well with this team, it's still early but let's hope they...
4 days ago
Three nice points in a game that felt more like a training match than anything else, Dnipro looked out of it but was set up well and defended admirably... it wa...
There really isn't any point in paying attention to EL, even Strama messed it up and Maz hasn't gotten the experience, i imagen it'll be a try and error for int...
6 days ago
I know what you're gonna say, Cambi! but perhaps that's where Hernanes comes in, we don't have a Sneijder and Kova is still learning and I'm not sure how tactic...
1 week ago
Credit has to go to Osvaldo and Medel, even Guarin managed to grab a goal and an assist! thought even Andreo approached the game in a efficient way, you could s...
Top marks to medel, can see why Maz has been rating him lately! only downside with him would be that he finds it hard to stay on his feet and i don't mean his t...
Just saw the line-up and looks like Maz went for the safe option and a more sound tactical approach, with 3 midfield players and 2 strikers... you'd hope Sassu ...
If palacio isn't ready and osvaldo still needs time then i hope Maz is adventures and plays 3-4-3, with kova-guarin behind icardi... and a midfield of herna-m'v...
I'm guessing besides paying the city of milan rent money, inter will have to fork out a sum for any extra changes made to it, perhaps because these are changes ...
Hate to say it but i think what this team is missing is palacio, not that he is a bad player but it's sad to see that the other players haven't managed to wake ...
Of course you can be a teamplayer in a big team, big teams wouldn't find themselves in that position if they didn't have teamplayers besides their stars... just...
2 weeks ago
I'm still scratching my head over the Hernanes deal, as that has created tactical problems for Maz and now this summer we had Medel and M'Vila, which I'm sure w...
Well you can't be a teamplayer, specially when you're at a team consisting of big 'stars' and everyone is fighting for the limelight and if he is insisting on s...
But not all of them are starters and even with Ranoch, as a starter for us and perhaps in the national team and as team captain for inter, he really struggels a...
It would be good if Inter had at least 3-5 italian players in their squad, mainly for appeal in italy and a type of recognition inter can gain in the national t...
I was surprised when I read De Boer's comment on Inter tracking Blind, didn't notice him during the wc but I take it as he must be the type of player coaches ra...
They won't see much action, not when you have kova-herna-m'vila-medel and now guarin! and at most Maz can only field 4 midfielders and with Palacio and Osvaldo ...
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