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It was an exciting game! couldn't believe it when Gua scored and then Herna popped out with that header, the icing on the cake would've been if Icardi grabbed a...
2 days ago
Well with 3-4-3 you don't have to have a solid defence, besides i think Ranoch, Vidic and JJ are pretty solid and they should be able to do their bit, for now, ...
3 days ago
That would be my ideal playing style for inter! but the problem is Medel and Ranoch... non of them can cover the RCB position and it's needless to have both of ...
4 days ago
A brazilian talent and a porto player? inter would count themselves lucky if they managed to still have their shirts on when they leave those meetings lol! and ...
5 days ago
Well that's why we'd have Icardi plus Destro available to the team, I wouldn't mind having him as a supplier, the kid must have taken some huge knocks to his co...
6 days ago
The most ideal would've been Balo and Destro coming back to the team but i doubt thohir would've invested 40 mil for that to be happen, or even Gabbi and Berard...
1 week ago
Well so far they've managed to land Dodo, M'Vila and kept Icardi, Kova and Handa plus the addition of Hernanes from january, so far so good, perhaps still quest...
The one thing i actually rate about Icardi is his finishing, that and the fact there aren't that many players that have the potential to be the type of striker ...
To be fair, there haven't been that many games but at his best, Medel looked like a good player, obviously I was hoping for a player like Song or Mikel and even...
He'll probably wait and see what kind of return he is getting from inters investments during the summer... read somewhere that he was glad with the purchase o...
2 weeks ago
Fans are quick to turn in serie a, we've seen it with adl, berlusconi, lotito and even Moratti wasn't excluded as he came under some harsh criticism before he d...
Mustafi doesn't sound so bad right now, too bad we missed out on him and also Brozovic, he'd be useful right now and could rotate with Herna/Kova and wouldn't m...
Was surprised to read italian newspapers talking about Maz being sacked, just days after Thohir confirming him... somehow i can understand with the club willing...
I'd keep Osvaldo as a backup, specially for 7 Mil but his sallary can pose a problem if he is to come off from the bench when needed and M'Vila can be a great b...
There is still time to change things around... it's always hard to start off in a good pace but also very hard to maintain it, it'll have to be a complete break...
It's not the tactics, it's individual errors, the first goal came from Juan backing off from Babaca, the second goal was just brilliant goal from cuadrado and w...
Viola has been in bad form and they're playing at home, it was only natural to presume they'll attack head on from start.. also with Palacio not fully fit and H...
It's only been 5 games and the team is sitting at the same spot as it finished last season... give it awhile, unless they're hovering over the relegation zone, ...
3 weeks ago
It might be different, depending on form, fixture, injuries ect... you never know with big games, remember how Stramas Inter demolished juve after they had a lo...
The fact that 3 of the goals came from Ekdal, kinda sums up the day...
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