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Too bad that juve got their hands on Rugani and even romas romagnoli is another italian defender i rate highly except for those, there hasn't been any defenders...
Great game tonight, it was entertaining specially with an attack minded midfield with the likes of guarin, brozo and hernanes and luckly guarin and brozo had so...
I think pedro only has 1 year left on his contract and song isn't really liked at nou camp so barca would be interested in offloading both of them, inter still ...
2 days ago
I can't believe there haven't been any build up to the roma game, if roma slip up they risk being caught by napoli and giving up more space to lazio, whereas in...
3 days ago
Inter will be lucky to even get pedro for kova, perhaps at most song and montoya could be two players barca would sacrifice for kova... maz seemed like the last...
Read that kova might be sacrificed but considering what barca handed over for Zlatan and what they payed for Neymar and Suarez, they could afford to offload Ser...
6 days ago
Mirante is great goalkeeper, don't see why Inter can't go after him if Handa leaves, instead of spending huge amount of cash on a new goalkeeper that is of the ...
1 week ago
There aren't any guarantees in football and the club will have to invest to improve but it could back-fire on them if that fails, so the question will be if int...
Pedro, Konop and Khedira along with Yaya would be amazing! but i doubt they'd all join willingly, considering the cash they'd ask for in return... all of them a...
At least it looks like the club is taking a hardline approach with the players but it won't be pretty if it's club vs players and if it's players vs coach then ...
3 weeks ago
This team can't afford to go with bargain players like Jovetic, unless other teams does them the same favour as Bayern did with Shaq but those discounts don't c...
It's just a dream sheet of players that would be exciting to have at inter but the most reasonable would be to keep one of hernanes and guarin and find one more...
Came across the same interview on another site, have to say i was surprised by the names Mancini mentioned, most of them are wingers and with yaya as the only o...
Kova would enjoy this picture with the way he has been fighting with Mancini! but no wonder Mancini is upset with him, had to pick up my jaw when i read kova ea...
4 weeks ago
I'm mostly curious to see Palazzi, even with the chances he has been given in the first team, he hasn't managed to shine... perhaps during the pre-season they'l...
They'll be forced to sell handa and even icardi next season if they don't qualify for europe so perhaps we could see some change up at inter during the summer.....
1 month ago
After all that talk from the manager, president, players and management and the night fizzled out like that... at this stage it'll be difficult to even catch up...
Win EL? inter can't even dream about winning Serie A! or even compete for the scudetto... EL was a long shot, makes me wonder how this season would've faired wi...
Rafa hasn't played much and Man U will be desperate for cash considering the team v.gaal is building isn't half finished but a team with fb's such as Dodo, Sant...
I think we'll be saying the same towards the end of next season, this reminds me of the old inter, where we'd say next year is our turn for the scudetto but at ...
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