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4 years ago
Man City can f**k off.
And Messi didn't lose his head when he smashed the ball at the Madrid fans a couple years ago?
Thank you, Sir Alex.
Nah I bet they'd still get a good amount of love from their fans.
Mate I need to warn you once and only once about your comment you made in the Barca vs Bayern thread. "Alba is a typical Spaanish c***" can be taken as racist b...
Are you a Barca fan as a bandwagon, because you're tired of not winning anything with Liverpool? =P
No, Jordi Alba just couldn't handle Muller touching him. He's a typical Spaniard: a diver. He went down like he just got shot. Puyol or Pique would have gone ri...
Yeah, too bad they lost 4-0.
You're missing a *
Bayern Munich is the new Barcelona. I honestly think they are more scary than Barca was 2-3 years ago
Good to see Carrick on the score sheet. RvP is back, and what a great time for that!
You're next, Manchester City. Pay Heed, All Who Enter; Beware of The Theatre of Dreams.
5 years ago
Camp Nou is empty for this game! How is that "still hot?" Barca fans only show up for big games, which is ridiculous.
Pay heed, all who enter; Beware of The Theatre of Dreams.
I agree with you 100%. Chica is a poacher in that box, and anytime the ball gets to him, (and if he's onside) he usually ends up scoring. RVP is having a bit of...
As a fellow United supporter, I don't think the PK should have been given. I stand by the referee. Adriano made a meal out of it, and the ref made a good call. ...
Now, now. We all know Uefalona is s**t when they don't pay the refs themselves...
I guess that's what happens when Barcelona forgets to pay the refs...
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