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4 years ago
Man City can f**k off.
And Messi didn't lose his head when he smashed the ball at the Madrid fans a couple years ago?
5 years ago
Thank you, Sir Alex.
Nah I bet they'd still get a good amount of love from their fans.
Mate I need to warn you once and only once about your comment you made in the Barca vs Bayern thread. "Alba is a typical Spaanish c***" can be taken as racist b...
Are you a Barca fan as a bandwagon, because you're tired of not winning anything with Liverpool? =P
No, Jordi Alba just couldn't handle Muller touching him. He's a typical Spaniard: a diver. He went down like he just got shot. Puyol or Pique would have gone ri...
Yeah, too bad they lost 4-0.
You're missing a *
Bayern Munich is the new Barcelona. I honestly think they are more scary than Barca was 2-3 years ago
Good to see Carrick on the score sheet. RvP is back, and what a great time for that!
You're next, Manchester City. Pay Heed, All Who Enter; Beware of The Theatre of Dreams.
Camp Nou is empty for this game! How is that "still hot?" Barca fans only show up for big games, which is ridiculous.
Pay heed, all who enter; Beware of The Theatre of Dreams.
I agree with you 100%. Chica is a poacher in that box, and anytime the ball gets to him, (and if he's onside) he usually ends up scoring. RVP is having a bit of...
As a fellow United supporter, I don't think the PK should have been given. I stand by the referee. Adriano made a meal out of it, and the ref made a good call. ...
Now, now. We all know Uefalona is s**t when they don't pay the refs themselves...
I guess that's what happens when Barcelona forgets to pay the refs...
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