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Chelsea is way too strong for Marseille! it was such a good game 2 thumbs up for chelsea i hope this year they'll win the champions league!!
7 years ago
Muller is such a great player i bet within 2 years the big teams like chelsea, MU or Barca will try to get him!!
Germany betta watch out for Turkey!! it's a solid and good team!!
Portugal sucks now hahahaha!!
Good job guys!!
Somewhere on FootyTube
Hummm no comment!!
Look at this dummy! Germany played the best football throughout this WC and don't deny hater! i hope Holland will crush Spain in the Final!! can't stand spain!!
Wowww i would never believe that Germany would beat Argentina in a competition by 4-0 this is astonishing!! Germany fully deserved this victory honestly i expec...
I don't understand this so now every game the ref has to mess it up this is gettin on my last nerves F FIFA and all the bitch ass ref dat screw up the games!!
That's true if that goal was counted, the game would have been different though. but let's face it Germany was the better team and more organize than the Englis...
It's u da dumbass we should be proud of Ghana for represent Africa in this WC u're such a dummy!!
Don't cry big man it's ok someday USA will be one of the strongest team in the world (psych) loll!!
Honda is such a talented player! he scored and assisted the last goal he's brilliant! i'm pretty sure the big clubs will try to recruit him! well deserved by th...
Do u think video replay should be used in soccer?? don't u think it's not going to ruin the beauty of this game?
Yea that goal that the ref called offside honestly i don't see no offside on that one, maybe the assistant ref was drunk! the other one i can understand it's ha...
Wowww so disapointed with the Italian team i think this is their worst performance ever and their worst team!! what got into Lippi to leave some crucial players...
Yo man i write however i want 2! u aint got to tell me how to write plzz be easy man!! i betcha u can't write betta than me i choose to write like this so respe...
There is no logic when it comes to soccer u dumb ass loser pfffffff u aint even worth my time so chil till the next episode suckaaaaaaa!! i didn't say anywhere ...
It was a great game too and USA deserved to win this game now let's see wat they gon bring in the round of 16 in case they face Germany lolll!!!
Lolll u're such a joker man, portugal only beat NK and couldn't even manage to beat Ivory Coast n u talkin bout y'all goin far wait till u face Spain u'll conce...
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