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Wow this game had everything! missed penalty kick, miss on an empty net, a goal out of nothing, a goal from a great pass. best game ive seen in a while!!
6 years ago
Whos excited for evans to get the boot lol???????
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And this diving business is bs cuz every other player does the exact same thing but, either way its a horrible attribute of the game
I agree with him a little, hes not very protected by the referees. lots of good players get fouled constantly and the refs just let it go. rooney, ronaldinho, r...
Uuuuuh i'd take nani 10 times out of 10 over balotelli
Oh mannn! when i saw nani running down that ball i was like here it comes
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Letting berbatov leave would be a huge mistake. his talent goes be on being in form. chichartto is in form and is a great striker but i do not think he is as go...
No VDS huh, somethings wrong with this picture
Maybe this clip misrepresented the game, but was there even one pass inside the box from either team, i guess everybody was just trying to shoot from distance
I am mexican american, so this final should be great!!!
I was lucky enough to watch messi play when Barcelona came to Pasadena to the play the L.A. Galaxy.
Messi is just ridiculous, the picture wasnt great but im pretty sure he made that pass with the outside of his foot from that distance!!
Thank you for explaining the offsides cuz i was at a complete loss. And two, as an american i ashamed of that acting that went on that got the jamacan player re...
Good win for my country but dempsy....what...the..hell. theres no excuse for that.
Somewhere on FootyTube
I would take nasri any day of the week, he is great!
I remember Liverpool placing 6th with 55 points lol. Congrats to barca, they definitely deserve it
Who is this ronaldo guy...he's pretty good
7 years ago
Glooooory Gloooory MAN UTD!!!!! not sure why barca is being discussed but since it is i would like to note that though they can play very well, they also do a l...
V.persie is to wasted at arsenal, send him our way :-)
Ref did a pretty good job i think, with the exception with the obvious deliberate hand ball that should have given united a penalty but other than that...great ...
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