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What the hell footyube, you want me to watch a 20 second ad everytime i watch a one minute video, this is stupid
Theres no freaking way im gunna watch a 30 second ad for maybe a 1 minute long video. bs
Congrats to Bayern, they've made it to the final a lot lately and they definitely deserve it, especially after taking that wooping in the first half.
United know how to treat a player who did a lot for them while they were there. like the obvious, when ronaldo came to old trafford he was met with respect and ...
These arsenal fans booing rvp are really pathetic. they are professional football players and he did a lot for you when he could've left years ago, fab left, so...
First goal was onside by a mile, second goal rvp strays offside for a second then is level, his arm is offside but its only offside if its a body part you can s...
Hahaha all you freaking haters out there can suck it! only United can win the league by many many points, score 3 goals to ZERO, (one beautiful goal) and still ...
With ronaldo playing the way he is, RM really have a shot at winning it all.
City won last season on goal difference and united are 12 points ahead. so you, my friend, are wrong :-)
Putting balls into the box can be the difference between winning and losing. glad they won but was hoping they'd get a second
Haha i love how rvp misses the first two or three chances then scores that. RVP!!
Messi's second goal was just disgusting!
That last goal was disgusting! well done everton
I was pretty disappointed how united started and played this game.
I was hoping barca would lose but damn you gotta give it to them- they had a job to do and they came out and exceeded it!
This is ridiculous C'MON PEOPLE. i urge you! be honest- HE WAS TAKING THE BALL DOWN WITH HIS FOOT. like many great players do 20 times a game, thats how you pul...
No need to debate, every united and madrid fan knows it was BS red card. Not a single player surrounded the ref asking for a card, everyone thought it was an ac...
Omg pedro's dive was the freaking funniest thing ive ever seen in football. throws a leg in front of the defender with no control over the ball and goes down ha...
Ill never understand, how can milan be getting voted rubbish when they scored two fair goals ( one amazing goal) and kept a clean sheet. Even if you think they ...
If arsenal play Gervinho today against BM they are going to get spanked, i wish the best for arsenal but they are going up against a extremely talented team and...
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