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Dude, the eredivisie is not a 'bad' league. Ajax beat AC Milan this CL season, FC Twente drew Inter Milan, beat Werder Bremen and should've beaten the Spurs eas...
7 years ago
I can't believe you wrote that. The only reason you have that image of Holland is Nigel de Jong's karate kick. So for one milli-second be fair and unbiased, the...
That's bullshit, so loyalty to your club means kicking a guy into a coma. It's funny how when De Jong tackles Xabi Alonso you guys are red hot with anger but wh...
Are you a fking idiot? Valdes should have a 30 match ban for this. Pep is a scumbag, he should have apologized on behalf of his goallie to the Danish coach. Unb...
Barcelona is such fking joke. They say they´re all about principles and ´Mes que un club´ but that´s all lies. They should be ashamed of themselves. Valdes ...
I agree, Sneijder and VDV will go far in the CL, if Twente don´t get 2nd, you never know. I hope so.
No Inter was going full on, Bale just tore them to shreds, period.
I can´t believe how biased this summary is. Twente had just as many if not more chances than Werder Bremen, but somehow they left them out. In the first 30 min...
Gentlemen, let me give you some background information, because this obviously not a coincidence. Feyenoord is no longer the great club it used to be, financial...
That was NOT a lucky hit, if you call it lucky, you can call half of all the goals ever scored lucky. A lucky goal is the goal scored by C. Ronaldo against Nort...
Gilbert your point is completely accurate, it makes sense. There's just one thing that annoys me, ofcourse the penalty just had to be scored but it feels so unf...
Stupid? They lacked the power of will that is necessary for a true champion, they were cocky and they got owned, it's as simple as that. Also I agree that Brazi...
Let's be honest, Argentina has a terrible defence, Demichelis is absolute shite. Still Germany should be proud of their performance, 4-0 is incredible. Holland ...
It's a mystery that he still plays for Atletico, can't believe it.
That's bullshit, Xavi here would be helpless as well against this German defense.
Germany will win against Spain unless they get an early goal against.
As good as Germany is right now, with a young side and attractive football. I think the tables are turned this time. Holland is mentally stronger, more experien...
Dunga didn't do anything wrong. Ronaldinho is s**t now. Pato is the only player that he should've brought along though. The players are to be blamed for a lack ...
Kaka is the most overrated player of Brazil, that guy is s**t. Can't believe Real paid 60 million for him. Sneijder, Robben, Van der Vaart, Van Persie, Elia are...
Van Bommel and De Jong are definitely the key players here, along with Sneijder, Robben and Stekelenburg. An advantage we have over Germany, is that we finally ...
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