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Ah the good old "freedom of speech" routine, that never gets old. Listen up buddy, you don't pay a cent to be a member on this site so if the owner of the site ...
5 years ago
Surely the Mods are just doing what they feel is right. No hard feelings. I now leave the footytube site permanently out of protest. I have made the points I ...
Oh btw "bad Nazi Jokes". Do you want me to make you a compiliation starting with Monthy Python, Ricky Gervais, Mitchell and Webb. Do you know how I view that as...
I look at this from a sociological standpoint. The redefining of language in politics is used to form groups and to isolate those that are not as knowledgeable ...
So we ban the words war, murder, beaten and death too? Shall we make a list of (sensitive) words not to use?
I meant no disrespect, quite the opposite in fact. I said even on matchday and of course consequently after the 3:2 that City had a real chance to top the group...
So it gets political. Is it allowed to discuss this issue then? "rape jokes". Does anyone know a single rape joke? Of course not. No such thing. So you want to ...
MuellersEleven, If your sole purpose of posting on the City page is annoying banter, you are trolling the page. I have seen you do this several times without ...
@Crxxx, if any City fans (or others for that matter) troll the Bayern page, report them and they will be dealt with. I assure you that.
Welcome to my world of the past decade. It is a long grind. I have compassion seasoned with a just little bit of satisfaction.
Since it was censored here what I said: Pelligrini miscalculated the goal difference, thinking his team needed a 5:2 when a 4:2 would have sufficed to top the g...
Perfect. 4 english teams advance, 4 german teams advance each with 2 times first and twice second finishes in their group. Lets do this. Oh and @Niru it is the ...
I should explain: With less then s**t I actualy mean less then s**t. Arsenal went out. City finished 2nd. Less then s**t as in less then s**t with only very lim...
°The more the better. Wouldn't want this to be half assed now would we?
I was saying this even before the game on the man city page. I got little agreement.
Or so his underwear commercial would have us believe.
Nea we got a healthy rivalry going on here. Let us see what happens. It is on anyhow wether we like it or not.
You care about those small statistics yes? Let us just look at the champions league unravelling. So far 2 english teams and 2 german teams have advanced. let's ...
So it appears the race of Balon d'or will be decided between Ronaldo and Ribery.
MuellersEleven gave the Klinsmann reacts to USA World Cup draw, opponents and travel video a rating of 5
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