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5 years ago
OMG Just realized I'm the only Arsenal fan here, where are my fellow gooners? Do they exist anymore? Hellooo! *goes hides in a corner* Bye!
Lol I like Fatima. You go girl!
As much as I hate this team, I gotta say they play good sometimes. I still don't wanna see them in the Champions League. #FOYS
6 years ago
I just came here to see the Stats. Arsenal youngsters played f*****g amazing!!!
Nothing better than seeing Messi with a sad face LOOOOL
This might be the worst defeat but it's the best lesson to learn from. We need some changes
Is the 20 minutes highlights video working??? It's a My Space link, Can I trust it?
Manchester United looks more scary than ever now.
If Barcelona dominates yet again this season, I might start watching another sport and leave football for good. This is too much now
Lol JoshN, I guess you and I got one thing in common. We both can't stand Barca and their arrogant fans
Look who is talking about pressuring the refs???
Still Keeping the Faith... 3rd btw
7 years ago
Who else believes that Arsenal is gonna win this EPL?
You dunnoe how much I hate Barca, OMG we beat barca!!! I f*****g cried out of happiness, it was too emotional for me. I Love You Arsenal
Man Shitty's game is boring... Van Persie is back, We tried today.. good one boys
How many teams are in the La Liga??? How many of those in the La Liga are relevant???? Do the same math for the EPL.
So this is the team "Arsenal" is supposed to face. 5 goals everyday, this is ridiculous. Hopefully we come out alive on February. As much as I hate Barca all I ...
I feel relieved after this game, That Massacre Monday's Memories still haunting me at night thou.LOL
That feeling u get when you are on top of the premier league table. Boy Oh Boy
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