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Butthurt, i see a fellow workaholics fan!
5 years ago
Prepare Yourselves, For DF talk taking over this forum!
Well it's not like you pick before the season where you can play that player, and then he can only play there. i love him at a RB, so he can also run forward, b...
Mast I?
6 years ago
Of course micky o'johnson! IT"S THE COMMUNITY SHIELD!
This is the first time in 5 years that we aren't in the community shield! Through out everything that's happen this year, this is the fact that depresses me mo...
Do you want a cookie?
I also believe in god.
A genius like
They spelled profits, Prophets?
Every team plays the same teams twice, how can he complain about that?
Yea but chicha is mexican
This is off topic, but we should start calling chicharito, speedy gonzales
What channel are they playing the game?
He's jogging there as warm up
Have YOU been hiding under a rock, Sopa is over, now it's ACTA which is doing the same with european countries
Relax, obama stepped in and said he doesn't support this bill, so for now, sopa isn't effecting annnnnyyything
Just to make this easier let me also remind you that we have now we too are amongst teams who haven't scored in everygame!
Way to jinx it man
Way to jinx it man
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