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French Defence is PISS s**t!
5 years ago
Losing the title on goal difference, on the last minute of the season. Like a boss !!
Easy lad Torres might get excited again
Well when u spend 500 milion you have to win something..
Cowardly? Worst? Seriously? Its called Defending lad. We have one of the youngest and less classy united team this year. because we didnt spend 500 million. and...
Its called mind game lad.. according to Mancini city still cant win lol Mind games everywhere
Well done City. Well played. i dont think United played bad. we did what we should do and blew it from a set piece. Good game for Ref as well. One of the bigges...
My Gf said SkySports gave her Orgasm yesterday.. i see why
I can find many videos of Messi Diving.. even handball. If you wants facts watch the match against Barca vs Espanyol.
6 years ago
Its a Dive ! Yes ! GET ON WITH IT !! its normal thesedays. Great players like Messi to Perthatic idiots like Balotelli all Dive! its part of the game. if ur a...
I'm having a United TITLE WINNERS party on 30th April 2012 at the Etihad Stadium. Anyone wanna come? The fat lady is booked!
"we're sorry this video cannot be played from your current location" IM ON MY ELEPHANT !!!!
If Football is a religion Messi is our God ! Players have ups and downs. last season Rooney was fantastic. year before Ronaldo is untouchable but Messi every s...
Every time they say Busquet there is a foul lol. But great free kick form Messi. too bad i dont get to see him every day in EPL. hopefully one day =)
Yes England lost .. but look at our team. all youngsters except for Gerrard. I think this is a great result for England. we played with out Rio, Terry, Cole, La...
All the De Gea haters.. this is the answer ! awesome team spirit and love to see 2 legendary old red devils in the score sheet. youngsters showd real hunger and...
I won your Girl friend !
Hello Zizu. Look at your Serie A, now back to EPL. "Sadly, your league isn't EPL- but if your league had more than 2 teams it could be as good as EPL." "you ...
If he thinks he is hard done he shoudnt hve run his batty teeth all over Evra. there is a big different between daily life and EPL. If ur playing for EPL team u...
In cricket they introduced micro mikes. its taged on the shirt. so when the player speak 3rd Umpire can listen to it. i kno cricket and footy is not the same bu...
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