MrPoopyPants (Pierre D'Artagnan)
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MrMcInsane (Dean Anthony Prescott) from Málaga, Spain
Spurs since 1978. Barca since 1991.
Oweniit (Roger Fernandez)
Pdwalker2 (Paul Walker)
Kiwi-born, living in the UK.
Prejsu (Krzysztof Preiss) from Poznan, Poland
In short, motoring, footy and muay boran maniac...and a great fan of feminine beauty:D want to know more- ask me:P
Pylet41 (Jimmy) Canada
I am bermudian, german, and british. I am a huge BVB fan because i used to live in dortmund for a couple years when i was a kid. I have since moved to canada but i like europe bett ...
Reg10 (Reg) from Toronto
Loyal Hotspur Supporter CDN/UK citizen.
Reidscott (Reid Scott Anderson) from Woodland, USA
Tottenhaman FTW!!!!
I like to eat, play footy, watch footy
Scroggin (Sam Crigan) from Melbourne, Australia
G'day, I'm Scroggin Being an Australian I knew almost nothing about soccer/football until i was about 10 and I watched the 2002 World Cup. Up until then I had been watching and ...
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