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Motg79 (Tom) from London, England
Just stumbled upon this site and looks fun so thought I'd sign up and support the boys in blue and white.
MrLillyWhite (MrLillyWhite)
MrMcInsane (Dean Anthony Prescott) from Málaga, Spain
: I have been a Tottenham supporter since the late 1970s (for thirty-five years). As a teenager in Norway I was the editor of the Nordic Tottenham Supporter Club in the mi ...
Oweniit (Roger Fernandez)
Pdwalker2 (Paul Walker)
Kiwi-born, living in the UK.
Prejsu (Krzysztof Preiss) from Poznan, Poland
In short, motoring, footy and muay boran maniac...and a great fan of feminine beauty:D want to know more- ask me:P
Pylet41 (Jimmy) Canada
I am bermudian, german, and british. I am a huge BVB fan because i used to live in dortmund for a couple years when i was a kid. I have since moved to canada but i like europe bett ...
Reg10 (Reg) from Toronto
Loyal Hotspur Supporter CDN/UK citizen.
Reidscott (Reid Scott Anderson) from Woodland, USA
Tottenhaman FTW!!!!
I like to eat, play footy, watch footy
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