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Hithere, a tentacled 6-foot-midget, hails from the icy planet of Ubertron, where everything is uber-cool. Once a powerful and noble ruler of the Kingdom of LOLcatville, Hithere ...
Jinxster (Jinx)
Spurs fan since 2006 when I really began watching the EPL regularly.Was just impressed with the game Spurs played and with Berbs at the time. I think other Spurs are people I'd lik ...
Fell in love with United the first time I saw them play. Unfortunately, in the US, not many people give football much attention, but I consider myself one of the lucky ones. I supp ...
I was born and raised in Arizona, but I feel like I was born in the wrong country. I love European culture, and I hope to be able to move there some day. My favorite club teams are ...
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Just stumbled upon this site and looks fun so thought I'd sign up and support the boys in blue and white.
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