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I am Mr. Poopy Pants. Hear me roar.

If you are coming here to knock on me and give me a rude rating, then be advised your animosity towards my jocularity will only make me stronger. I will outlast you. I will outwit you. You will succumb to my good nature and affability in the end. It is as inevitable as the sun rising on a new day.

Spurs are my team. I didn't necessarily pick them out of a hat, but just about. When you live in the States, it's hard to figure out how to start in the EPL. I chose them because I love London, prefer a mostly English team, and think they play with a lot less ego than some of the other top teams.

Everton gets a nod because I love Timmeh, and think Moyes is solid.

US-England. My home country and my ancestral home. Always on for them.
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While the temptation to vent on the behavior of the Guatemalan's is great, I will keep myself in check. It really isn't anything more than what you would expec...
6 years ago
I have no way to quantify this and it's more just a feeling...but everyone crying for the arrival of Donovan/Dempsey together being the be all end all, well I j...
Yeah they looked tired out there
Great read, thanks for posting.
Agreed. That is one thing I've noticed is that we have gotten rid of the Route 1 mentality. The long balls we did play were smart shots down the wing. Lots m...
Gee Danmx, thanks for "allowing" me have my opinion. I really appreciate that. I'm so grateful for your generosity. To the others, Danmx stated that the Braz...
Danmx, Thanks for the input, but I think we got this without your help. Our under 17 men's team smashed Brazil in December 3-1 to win the Nike International Fr...
That was some pretty football. No more hoofing Route 1. It's triangulation and one touch goodness for us. Fingers crossed for Brazil but I'm not holding my b...
I spooged a little.
Just a question here for the United States Spurs fans: If you happened to watch the game on ESPN2, raise your hand if you wanted to punch Steven McManaman in f...
I've crunched the numbers.... Defoe scores approximately every two minutes he's on the pitch.
Defoe and Saha would be threatening but I'd still start Ade because of his height. Ade is controversial. I have no idea what makes him tick....why against New...
I don't really do the line up thing, but I do have a basic preference: 4-4-2 with Ade and Defoe. Sub out either one with Saha if necessary.
The other great thing about this match: No John Harkes and his "higher level" nonsense. First time I wasn't terribly irritated by US commentary in awhile. Ke...
Wiskid just pwned you Abasiofon. Italy had to resort to unfair tactics too. Check it out....
Oh yes.
The perfect tonic after a North London Derby defeat......victory over the Nazzurruttutti on their home soil. Well done USA. Well done indeed.
If anyone should know that a 2-nil lead means nothing in the NLD, it's Tottenham. So disappointing.
I've been mistaken for many things, but never and Aussie. lol.
I will try eBay eventually. I received free shipping on my order as part of my international membership, but I agree to ship it international would be spendy. ...
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