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Myself (Omar) from London, Canada
Film Director, Screenwriter, blerd (black nerd) & Humanist
Nols128 (Noel Sanjuan)
No, my face doesn't actually look messed up like in my photo.
Prejsu (Krzysztof Preiss) from Poznan, Poland
In short, motoring, footy and muay boran maniac...and a great fan of feminine beauty:D want to know more- ask me:P
Ronnie19 (Tomek) from Gdansk, Poland
I'm Everton supporter from Poland.
Sam (Sam X) USA
and Italy
Shook14 (Muhamad Shukri) from Jumeirah, UAE
Tatabox (Daniel Jones) from Somewhere, USA
TheKing10 (JEBBISON) from London, England
I was born in brazil but I moved too England when I was about 4 years old and I love both countries....
Tifoosi (Aria Ghoreyshi) from Dubai
Coach Analiser
Youngy (Chris Young) from Newcastle, England
Zayaanbk21 (Zayaan Babukhan) India
Zlatan21 (Diego Alberto) from ESSJ, USA
Been following Inter since 2001. was a huge fan of Ronaldo when he played for Inter thats what mainly caught my attention. and when my favorite player got there, Ibrahimovic, it wa ...
Zzlatan (Kunjan Patel) from Peterborough, Canada
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