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Looking at Tottenhams bidding I cant really blame Modric for hinting he would like to move somewhere else, I mean, Damiao looks quite good, but apart from him w...
6 years ago
Tough start to the season
Can anyone tell me what this is: Is this just more cr...
Seems quite reasonable Fabby. But Rooney as a captain would be a bit strange, he seems to me to be a player that needs controlling, who needs someone there to k...
This is the latest news I´ve found about Kaboul:
To be honest I´m a bit surprised no one is biding for BAE, he´s had a great season apart from a couple of defensive errors...
I think so too, and especially if we sell Hutton, we´ll only have Kaboul (good but not great on the wing) and Charlie, and Walker has had a great season (so I...
Thank you Cry789 for clearing that up...MrPoopyPants here is a link, although originally I saw it somewhere else, but don´t remember... http://www.dailymail...
I think Kyle Walker might be going back on loan to QPR...
I might be misinformed but I think there´s news that Joe Cole will replace Modric after he signs for Man U...
Well I´ve just wet my pants with excitement!! It looks like we are to buy Joe and sell Moders...well that sounds like a bloody good move if ever, don´t it.......
Can´t help but feel sorry for the bloke (Gomes), when they gave that goal he must have felt like absolute crap, would´t like to be in his shoes...
7 years ago
I panicked! Lol! Anyway, good luck in the next round ;-)
Oh, crap, I meant here lol!
Lovely to be her tonight guys
Yeah, he nearly made me brake my TV screen!
Ah, well, we gave it our best shot...Although Gomes -.- ...well just would´nt like to be in his shoes, silly sod hehe. Anyway, still can´t help but be proud ...
Well that result makes things a bit easier, we needed it :-)
Looked like an epic game, seriously, only EPL teams can play at such a fast rate. I´m an out and out Tottenham fan, but honestly, watching other English teams ...
Not the most encouraging of comments....I did´nt expect tottenham to beat Real, but don´t expect a friendly reply coming here and "laughing" at a team (or it...
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