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MrCynical wrote in Somewhere on FootyTube
Such an amusing article, the thermonuclear line had me in particular stitches.
Its not harsh, he bit someone. Thats vile. Id rather hed thumped ivanovic in the eye than bit him, thats at least what humans do to each other regardless of whe...
5 years ago
As much as a good youth set up is important like Barca have, ultimately you have to have good youths. You could put me in the Barca acadamy from age 5 and i sti...
Rio Ferdinand. That is all.
Somewhere on FootyTube
Good, even as a Chelsea fan I cant defend Luiz's actions on the pitch today, was cowardly. However he made up for it (partially at least) by apologising in pers...
Quality of through balls from Barca in this game was outrageous, (even for Getafes goal!) Messi might be a god but Iniesta is one of the greatest human players ...
It's not football manager, giving Torres 2 weeks off is basically giving him half a million quid scot free and then he'll be rubbish again afterwards. He will n...
Somewhere on FootyTube
This is what you get when you smoke pot everyday for 20 years.
Good opportunistic goal, but if this wins goal of the month then ill be surprised. The goalie was in a rubbish position and im frankly not surprised he scored i...
It's called Fergie-Time, as a Utd supporter im surprised you've not heard of it.
I would like to see him get his chance, maybe in a friendly at least. I agree that playing for England should be based on form not reputation, and as much as bu...
Just like Saurez was so spectacularly sacked by Liverpool after being found guilty of racism? If you think Chelsea FC will sack John Terry, Ashley Cole and thi...
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