MrBukLau (Victor) M Europen champion,I sink Im a Special 1
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Please don't call me arrogant because what I'm saying yis true. I'm European champion so I'm not one of,of the bottle. I sink I'm a special one.
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I sink next year we will buy De Bruyne back for 45m
17 hours ago
I am european champion, so iam not one of the bottle, i sink im a special one.
20 hours ago
No Costa, no Frebregas... doesn't sound good at all
No Costa, no Frebregas... doesn't sound good at all
That's the reason why England will never win a world cup any time soon the F .A is a big f**k they destroy Terry them jus don't like Chelsea players the F.A tak...
Why must there be a campaign on us?????
Approve it please no campaign against me please
2 days ago
1. Yaya Toure slaps and kicks Mata - Nothing. 2. Aguero two footed stamp/lunge on Luiz - Nothing. 3. Jonny Evans studs into the chest of Drogba - Nothing (inst...
Chelsea Football Club match Juan Cuadrado's £26.8 million release fee and are discussing terms with the ACF Fiorentina winger.
Drogba can't even run to receive the ball when frebregas made a through pass. Trust me on this
All capital final in the captial one cup
Atletico madrid out, 3 away goals conceded in 1st half, absolutely joke defending. worst than Cahill by million miles
3 days ago
I have got to admit Esky was right , in the first half, he misread a ball and let Moreno got in behind him, only thanks to Courtois, saved his ass
Didier was completely useless in that match though, wasted 3 great chances, almost like making a clearance for the opposition
Just watch the Bradford match 2nd half, gotta say Cahill was extremely shaky in defence. Zouma had to make a few clearances for him
Still extremely gutted about going out of FA cup to Bradford... and the disappointment is even stronger when you realize IT WAS NOT BROADCASTED.. therefore you ...
Big boiiiiiiiii y u so cool bro
Diego knows about less than 10 words in the English vocabulary. It would be senseless to have complicated words in the lyrics cause he won't even understand.
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MrBukLau M Europen champion,I sink Im a Special 1
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