MrBukLau (Victor) M Europen champion,I sink Im a Special 1
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Please don't call me arrogant because what I'm saying yis true. I'm European champion so I'm not one of,of the bottle. I sink I'm a special one.
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Sam Vokes is so f*****g bad. no pace no work rate. Sorry bro
3 weeks ago
Http:// Mods please embed this for me. Fair enough. That's why England can't go far in any major tournament
4 weeks ago
And wtf Sergio . Don't hate please . Be a fair referee
I notice Leicester supporter base has grown from 1m to 5m though. I think that's a good thing for the club to have bandwagons
Mourinho seems to be on his way to Old Trafford. What say you to these news? Could you squeeze Manchester United in to your busy schedule? You do like Mourin...
1 month ago
What do you mean by bandwagon ? The only band from Leicester that I heard of is Kasibian , who is famous for the premier league theme song - Fire
What is a bandwagon? Well although eng is my third language. The way you use bandwagon doesn't sound good. I'm a Leicester and Chelsea fan. This is Leicester f...
Http:// Ngolo Kante said he wants to stay! MASSIVE ...
I guess North America doesn't have a lot of Leicester fan here unlike back in asia :(
Both him and baba are. but i would blame baba for recklessly diving in and not stopping Yedlin crossing it. sigh
BABA and Mikel, these two Nicks are most donkey players in our squad.
Great stuff bluff! Haven't catch up with you for a long time. still brilliant poet as always
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Good news: Riyad Mahrez will stay, according to Leicester manager and vice-chairman
Boys huth is serving a 3 match ban. f**k you FA for giving huth and Fellani the same punishment. It's way to severe in my opinion
Some of Claudio Ranieri most memorable quotes: "My team are like the RAF..."
I don't need your critism dude.At that time I was muted from this forum for various reasons. However, I have watched all Leicester games in live stream whenever...
I believe FA will come back and look at the replays
Why are you tryin so hard to provoke me? However I'm mature enough not to react stupidly. Im a Chelsea and Leicester fan. It was a wonderful week for me.
Do i know you? What's wrong with you?
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6 months ago
MrBukLau gave the Jose Mourinho - "10 Points Behind" video a rating of 5
1 year ago
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MrBukLau M Europen champion,I sink Im a Special 1
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