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How was england doing worse then Sweden... Anyway England should have won that but because they were stealing players from other countries they ended up loses...
5 years ago
He missed that exact kind of goal against United, atleast hes improved some what lol
Wow this video edit is bad
The way chelsea players play for managers they want to keep is disgraceful and i havent enjoyed there antics... thats said was a great 2 leg match they played, ...
Chelsea score offside goals all the time mostly against us... you won your match yesterday with 2 offside goals and they scored a legit today was a minor we was...
6 years ago
Yeah city is the real test, United team this season is to young i'm surprised we're first but happy about it they need another season to grow into a better team...
@Cali86 he was talking about key players for a team even doe i think he went to far with evans and owen but I get what hes talking about with out there full sqa...
That was a super goal, people shouldn't say anything about the championship considering where how well the newly promoteds are doing so far
Dumb city fans like you is why no one takes city seriously. you lot are first but next season the financial fair play rule is coming into play and with city mak...
Diving or exaggerated falls is a result of refs not calling fouls because they don't think there was enough contact it is ruining the game in my view, also roon...
Fergie seems to be pushing him out the team, there trying to have a fast paced team nowadays, even our up and coming centre backs have some decent pace, so last...
Milner does more bad then good, adam johnson is underrated
First goal would have been a tap in if the defender never slapped the ball before it reached chihcarito plus the vidic red was dumb
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