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What are you talking about? They were extremely lucky. The only goal they got was from a ridiculous goalie blunder and Swansea had a golden opportunity to score...
7 years ago
Somewhere on FootyTube
I say we sell Torres for what little he is worth now and realize our mistake :)
8 years ago
Terry leaving Chelsea is like Torres leaving will never happen...oh wait....
Haha i would trust Lampard wayyyyyyy more than Torres in his current form.....(and I placed bet that Torres can't score 5 goals in 5 games)
Ohh come on....he couldn't score much at Liverpool and there is a reason he didn't play much in the World Cup...yes he was and is still pretty and therefore exp...
Ian Holloway to replace Fabio Capello
Naww chelsea will continue being one of the top teams for a long while and i hope ur joking about Man City.
10 years ago
Barca played like crap the whole game!! and you can't protect your face when ur jumping and turning your back on the ball. And why is everyone telling the chels...
HAHAHAHAH we sorta did destroy you. and if you made it into the semi's and you lost because a stupid ref, you would punch him. and yes that should've been the f...
Naw i don't think they were trying to kill time Chelsea took more shots and more shots on goal. Barca took about the same number of shots but none on goal. and ...
The first goal was a major slip up from gibbs, goalie was off and conceded the stupid goal. It was like the Liverpool goal with Chelsea's goalkeeper off his pos...
Yeah that was REALLY REALLY risky. i guess it wasn't convincing enough from the referee's viewpoint
Dude don't be sore that Chelsea took u out of the competition.
Did u watch the game or the highlights?? In the game Chelsea had some crazy defense throughout the game. Barca also played with approx. 95,000 people supporting...
Chelsea was in a huge slump but they got a really good manager now. Personally, I believe that Premiere League has harder teams and is in a class way higher tha...
Do you think Chelsea can beat Barca???? Because I was looking at some of thier previous games and they are good but they are definitly not invincible. And the p...
I hope Porto wins they have a big advantage
Porto got the hard part out of the way. They are playing at home and they have momentum. If they just stack up their defense and tie they will go on on away goa...
The reason you don't hear us is because we ARE supporting our own team. Everyone else besides man u in the Premiere league is a anti-manutd campaigner.
If he didn't score they probably would've scored another time. how was chelsea lucky? look at the number of shots.
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