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How can 81 ppl say Man City were rubbish? they played way better. Everton got lucky in the end. Looking forward to Tottenham
6 years ago
Arsenal was VERY unlucky..not only the missed chances but also the penalty for Liverpool was 50% a dive..and you just CAN'T give away a penalty in such an impor...
7 years ago
GREAT POINT MATE!! plus raul albiol will miss the final... but I'm looking forward to the Champions League matches, I think barca will win the copa-match in pen...
Here is the FACTS: Adriano made a really good game, Iniesta great pass to Messi in first half, Xavi a couple of good passes, Messi SUCKED for claiming best play...
I wuv Mejay too.. But I love koopa13!!! great points you've made there mate..Messi sucked, Villa was ridiculous, Iniesta, Xavi made a couple of good passes, Adr...
Balotelli is a beast
Let's say you are trash
Yes Barcelona firstly wanted to check if they could win this round without refs..but as they lost (maybe without deserving) they bought the game in Barcelona wa...
2009 CHELSEA 2010 INTER 2011 ARSENAL for how long will it go on???! http...
Alright here's something for you: 2009: CHELSEA 2010: INTER 2011: ARSENAL LOOK at this:
Mr. Zhudayong: Tell me you can IGNORE THESE FACTS: Drogba says: it's a "...
REF WON IT FOR BARCA!!! 3 obvious facts for any dumb and blind Barca-supporter: 1st: 5 minutes extra-time during the 1st half!!!..can anyone name a game with t...
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