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Germany got to be the favourites now, why didnt he start Torres?
5 years ago
I hear some european backwater`s are nice late on Thurday night in the middle of winter, good luck with that Spurs.
6 years ago
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Anyone know where I can get some cheap Nike air Jordan shoes?
Not true look below me
You make your own luck I mean
You make your won luck buddy!
Jose Mourinho wins another champions league final, no disrespect to RDM he has done well but its still mostly the team that Jose built.
Cheer up I hear small towns in eastern europe are nice on Thursday nights in the middle of winter.
Actually the "better" teams were knocked out by Bayern and Chelsea in the semi final. You lost the final that you were playing at home against a side that had 3...
Peter Cech guessed right every single penalty, what is he a bloody jedi? And Gary Cahill must be feeling pleased with himself right now, instead of being relega...
Undeserved champions league titles are what Liverpool are all about.
Fair play to you, at least we can now both enjoy the spuds heading off to some european backwater on thurday nights. Its where they belong.
Funny that Chelsea got lucky the last four matches in the champions league, you cant be lucky all the time there has to be another reason to be fair.
Somewhere on FootyTube
That 2004-05 Chelsea team is the best english side I ever seen, best does not win you the champions league.
The funny thing is this Chelsea team was the best in europe for a few years when they were all at their prime and could not win the dam thing, yet here they are...
I keep hitting myself but I dont seem to be waking up.
Somewhere on FootyTube
Not sure why a Werder Bremen fan is laughing at Bayern they won the dam thing four times, how many have Bremen won piza? Oh none? Then shut up please.
Where are these city fans coming from?
Somewhere on FootyTube
Heynckes did get sacked after winning the champions league with real Madrid but they were terrible in the league finishing 5th, what was worse was when Bayern s...
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