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Thanks mate
6 years ago
If they will be comments like this please don't bother
I think he would have done better if Wolves back line showed up to the game
Wow you really have to watch these highlights immediately or they get taken off. I guess waiting a day is too long since they get "rejected due to terms of use...
Well said Milanistagirl
I didn't even think they'd make it past the qualifiers. Hope they keep up the good work!
Like when a bunch of the Newcastle fans left once it was 0-4 during Newcastle vs. Arsenal last season. bet they regret that.
Agree and disagree. I personally think Kasami was onside, but I fail to see how the decision comes down to if the linesman has a penis or not. I've seen lots ...
I find daily motion has the best highlights but don't think they have any for League Cup
Arsenal please, we need him like we need a central defender
Granada's keeper forgot to try and stop any of the goals from going in. Good job Malaga!
Osasuna's keeper forgot to try and stop any of the goals from going in. Good job Malaga!
Good Job Azerbaijan!
Yeah big fail on missing the first goal. sure someone will post it at some point though
Somewhere on FootyTube
Surprised how few people comment on what a waste of resources it was to buy that useless tit Squillaci. His experience got us exactly f**k all
7 years ago
Agree with 1, 3, 4, and 5. I think 2 is bogus because a manager should be able to manage as they see fit (even if changing 8 players was a bad idea)
That ball came off a united player, I say the goal was good
Very misleading title which should be changed. makes Arsene look like he's fishing for excuses, which is not at all the case. I only caught the last 10 minute...
Somewhere on FootyTube
Yup, this is the worst possible draw for Arsenal. Also doesn't help that Sagna got red carded against Braga. oohhhh it's gonna be a long 180 minutes for Arsen...
Yeah really not understanding the complaints about Chamakh. Sure on a Goal per Game ratio he isn't as high up as bendtner or walcott, but he is obviously scori...
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