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Morar95 nominated W. Rooney (8') for Goal of the Week
Once we got that first goal things got better for us. It's always hard to play teams that have the majority of their players behind the ball. Got to give Pulis ...
I'm very happy for Hernandez, he always gets us those important goals and he proved it yesterday. Januzaj gave us some inspiration, something we desperately nee...
To be fair, our problems have been in defence, which has been quite bad the past few seasons. I think the blame should be put on them rather than Moyes for our ...
Januzaj is quality. Should start ahead of Young. And can we start using Zaha and Kagawa, please? Fair enough, Kagawa may have had the flu but in general, come o...
Not really, Giggs is far better than Valencia... now starting Giggs over Zaha and Zaha not even being on the bench is a different matter.
Both teams played well, and Man Utd weren't that bad, we just needed some more physical presence in midfield and a better final ball to score. I wish we played ...
Morar95 thought the Wigan Athletic v Manchester United match was average
Okay, Man Utd were not rubbish nor awesome yesterday. I was at the match and we played decent, our defense was relatively solid apart from a few hiccups and Zah...
I don't think it was hugely the managers fault (the debate of his style of play I'll leave for another day) but I think it's the lack of quality in defense and ...
I wouldn't be too upset if he leaves or stays... to be honest I don't really care about the situation anymore. Like you said, we're bound to lose money on him e...
I agree with Austin, both players were given equal warnings. You can even see Mike Dean pointing to Wilshere after Cleverley's second challenge and saying that ...
5 years ago
But the thing is United have had a poor defense and persisting injuries too, yet our attacking side has been brilliant. The thing with Arsenal is that, sure t...
So you're saying that even winning against Belgium was nothing? They are the best team that was left out of Euro's are much better than Sweden yet England won a...
6 years ago
Well Welbeck has scored more than Carroll and I feel has better all round play. Further more there would be a better understanding since Rooney is coming in. A...
@Kerbo To be honest, Young was probably out matched in the strength department. He isn't known for strength but more speed and agility. We can't drop him becaus...
@Kristian90 f**k Lampard. He has never played well for England. For Chelsea, yes, but he can never work with Gerrard and since Gerrard is captain you can't drop...
When has Rooney and Welbeck ever cheated? Atm its only Young and Nani. The rest are good.
I really like Roberto Martinez as a manager. A genuine, nice guy and has done really well with his team. Like the commentator said, it's just the finishing.
Kony was sweating there.
I was like, "No, don't score Ramsey. You'll kill someone". Looks like my message got through. Btw, Kony was sweating at that point.
LOL, it should Vermaelon (I think that's how you spell his name). But Arsenal deserved it today, Nasri said that Man City looks like a team that is more capable...
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