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There you go petrol dollars :)
5 years ago
You created luck ? Including the Barca games you defended your box 330 minutes with nearly 10 men and prayed for Drogba to score. Congratulations for the tit...
6 years ago
What a shame for football that a team with this kind of style can win a Champions League Final.
Kaka: 65 million euros Ronaldo: 94 million euros Being German in a penalty shootout: Priceless
Chelsea won but still suck. thats my point. Yesterday destroying football won over playing football.
What a disgrace for Football, having a team in the finals who's only aim was to destroy the game of the opponent. Less then 30% possesion in BOTH games, 3 sho...
Chelsea - Barca Bayern - Real will be the semi finals
What a pass by vidal.
What a pass by Özil
Stupid Heynckes, refusing to play with 2 strikers over and over again. Just when there is really no other way he puts Olic in. Since van Gaal Bayern Munich ga...
Henry - like a boss !
Wtf is Yaya Toure doin right before the 1-0 ? he's just like " i dont need to run back " lazy fool! you and your oil company team full of arrogance deserved ...
Raul ! Pure class !
In German Television they told that the translation of the City Sugar Daddy "Etihad" would be "United", somebody of the english guys here could confirm this?
Isnt Nesta supposed to do this job? I'm not a follower of Serie A, but always had Nesta as one of the top all-time italian defenders in mind.
Yes, i still say he's an average goalkeeper. better cleansheets then casillas doesnt mean anything, at this top level ( Real, Barca) both of them will have 20-...
In Arsene we trust ! Great Atmosphere by the Dortmund Supporters though, nice to see they ignored this foolish rule which forced them to sit.
I'd love to see Manchester City going down to Europe Leauge. Hopefully they will get some nice games troughout the Wintertime in Poland,Russia or anywhere with...
Seriously Barca, get a real goalkeeper ! Outstanding 10 other players, but Valdes is just an average goalkeeper.
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