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At least we won a trophy last season?
5 years ago
The standard of refereeing needs to be consistent. How on earth is Mulumbu's challenge not a red card?
A pity that the referee always has to ruin probably the most anticipated and exciting rivalry in football. I look forward to the day we will have a fair match b...
No way for mancs to counter that truth.
Cardiff City were superb enough to make it to the finals, of course they were going to be tough. Who said it was going to be easy? They even beat the team that ...
6 years ago
What did he wish for?
Guess he is still sore about our 97th minute penalty equalizer against Arsenal last season.
Nani, Young, Berbatov , Rooney?
Haha, what a Henry-ish finish! Good to see him back.
If Kompany was sent off, Giggs should have at least been carded for the tackle from behind as well. Inconsistent refereeing by Foy.
Somewhere on FootyTube
City were robbed,plundered and pillaged in their own home ground. But what an inspirational second half performance by them. Respect.
Funny how I don't remember seeing these many Man City 'fans' on Footytube seasons ago. Now they are all bigmouthed all over the site. We stick with our club dur...
Carroll scored 3 in the Premier League this season. Considering he rarely starts, thats quite respectable. The pressure is on City , actually. Fail to win any...
Somewhere on FootyTube
If its really true, then obviously it will be a tarnish to our club, but until then and even so the manners of 1 individual does not represent the full body of ...
So says a supporter of a club where the captain is John 'I called Anton a black (ooops) (oooops) and got away with it ' Terry.
You really believe everything the newspaper says ,don't you?
Yada yada yada, its all speculation with no concrete evidence, just like Suarez's case. For all we know, he was just pissed off with his team getting thrashed.
Haha, sweet revenge served on a silver platter.
Haha, sweet revenge served on a silver platter.
Yeah, players like Young and Hernandez go down like feathers as well. They all need to man up.
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