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Dinglehater2 (Jordan Adams) from West Bromwich, England
The name Dingle refers to a family of ugly fat crooks who live in a shit-hole and are always causing trouble. The perfect description to an average Wolves fan.
Emmetwb (Emmet Whelan Byrne)
I am a die hard fan of Chelsea Fc i love them with all my heart and soul, since i was 8 and my love for them has never stopped and never will.
Footster (Aby Trips) India
ForHenry (Saad)
Ghanaboy95 (BlackStar) from London, England
GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Gonners (ArSeNaL)
Oh where, oh where, has my Arsenal gone? My invincible breed. Come on you Gooners, my beautiful dream.
Gooner94 (Kathleen Buik)
GoonerZain (Zain Ul Abideen)
Greyhound (Faizan Rahman) India
Groundup (Blaze) from Chicago, USA
Gunman477 (Siddharth)
Gunners23 (Shayan)
Herrera18 (Emerson Herrera) from Santiago, Chile
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