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Albabily.... if Kaka really sucks then why the hell did madrid play only when he came on.. im not talking about the 4 goals... there were a few missed chances t...
8 years ago
U guys dont know what the hell you are talking about... sure higuain might have took it a bit far but the other player was not red carded coz of higuain's react...
FINALLY!! SOMEONE WHO KNOWS WHAT HE'S TALKING ABOUT!! i agree with you 100%!!! but i might add Ramos and Alboil had decent games but not their best!!!! they tri...
Those comments is wwhy im proud to be a madrid fan!!! you guys know nothing about football... savages is the word!!! Real Madrid is not Rubbish... if they were ...
Dude.... F*** off!!! you won the game what else do you want!!? lol.... (no offense tho...)
Dude... as much as ive been hyped up and pissed at your comments i sorta agree with u with a few of your points BUT.... that doesnt change the fact taht the tea...
I agree that they over spend this summer 101%... Ronaldo isnt worth the money spent to get him.... BUT that being hte case he should've lived up to the expectat...
Crristiano Ronaldo moved from the best player in the world to the worst player in the world.... he's messed up in the head... i cant believe real spent that muc...
If you bash higauin then u need to see him play... dude when a player gets unlucky that doesnt mean he chocks or isnt playing welll... it only means he got unlu...
I second Chelo's reply.... I would have loved to see Real Madrid go thru this year tho... come onn the final is at home!!!
Thoughts of the game: incredible first half and all in all 50% performance since the first half was almost 100% and the second half was almost 0%.... who ever b...
Hurts to say.. Messi is a more complete player overall
Well the whole midfield is to blame is just ridiculous... alll the good chances were given to that retard called Ronaldo and he screwed them all up.... and that...
We paid 80 million for Ronaldo thats money were never getting back... neither in cash nor in good player services... that guy is a complete retard....
Ya lol my bad... i remember the comentator talkin abt lass yet calling him diarra which confused me lol... but he played a wonderful game lol
AND who ever says Kaka and Granero were bad or useless well prolly should go get checked... the best 5 performers ranked in that ordered were 1- Kaka, 2- Ramos,...
Good game... honestly but CR9 deserves a bullet on his head!!!... dude, hes unbelievable!! pass the god damn ball for gods sake!!! if he actually passed the bal...
People said that Guti shouldve finished it coz of the chance hed mess up the pass my answer to that is it was a beautiful pass he couldnt have messed it up... a...
I am waiting to see the people that said Kaka cant play or isnt playing well in Madrid... honestly i think todays game and Kaka's performance is a reply to all ...
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THAT IS THE WORST DECISION EVER... I DONT THINK Valdano knows what hes talking about... had a chance to get Villa he decided against it, and now has a chance to...
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