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Barcelona played great, chelsea played pathetic futbol it shouldn't be even called futbol 10 men in the box for 90 minutes is pathetic, barcelona has been winni...
5 years ago
6 years ago
He does that with epl teams a lot too, nothing against african ppl but i play futbol with them all the time and their bigger and stronger than everyone, but onc...
Im gona troll so hard when your team loses, your team basically did this when the game started. Ref blows whistle..... Drogba: quick ill dive and everyone else ...
Lets go barca!!! even if they end up not winning the league they are back to their form and are playing great!!!!
Welcome to footytube where everyone's team not in the semifinals thinks the actual rule books that were developed from experience are considered BULL s**t. It ...
Chelsea played like they did not even want to be on the field. They put no pressure what so ever on Benfica. Benfica played better overall except their forwards...
For all the people that somehow think the refs are paid off in every competition in favor of barcelona. I have one thing to tell you. You are all unrealistic id...
Yea thats what sore losers do blame everyone but the actual players. Barcelona dominated the game. Do you know how idiotic you sound? Blaming the refs? I can un...
I agree Messi seems like he has no trust in tello. Also he keeps getting angry whenever tello doesn't pass the ball to him. What happened between them at san si...
Im glad chelsea made it as far as they did for playing as a team, but dude let that diving s**t go it was like 3 years ago and barca exaggerates mostly against ...
Ummm i think its because people expect barcelona to have the ball most of the game so they prepare to play 100% defense, unlike real madrid who's main philosoph...
Man Im a barcelona fan but these other fans are talking about god and messi and smiling down and kissin major messi ass, then comparing him to ronaldo. It seems...
Dude i feel like pique is been playing so bad lately he usually does alright not that great but hes been really bad lately. Hes too slow and he always has misco...
What did he say? lol im curious sounds like he said something completely idiotic lol someone please tell me! lol
Great job torres, chelsea is on the come up again. People are saying his first goal is crappy... watch the replay carefully if you ever played football in your ...
I agree, I think it was the manager man. It looked like the team wasn't on the same page. Plus if you buy a striker worth 50 mil you better adapt the team to hi...
Glad to see Chelsea doing well again. Congrats to TORRES! lol Iv been waiting for him to score lol and then I miss the dam game lol. Chelsea should keep this m...
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