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The Winter and Summer transfer windows.
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Emery is an experienced manager who did well with Sevilla but the issue that I think many who watched him will say that, was that his sides are really good goin...
1 hour ago
Pep is bald.
7 hours ago
^ From the number of Argentine attacks Inter has had over the years from Milito to Rodrigo and Icardi, lets just hope this Martinez kid is just as good. Barbo...
Anyone will tell you Sevilla where a good team under him but he can't teach his team how to defend.
8 hours ago
20 hours ago
Man I remember the days teams hated playing against Moyes's Everton side. Use to give the top teams a hard time and he was respected for it. Now his just the bu...
Tough for Lazio, they had a great season tbf but so happy for Inter. For the first time in a long time, our boys really came through. They just didn't give up a...
Stefan De Vrij giving us a helping hand for that PK lol! LETS GOOOOOO INTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1 day ago
WE just might!
^ Yeah, the boys loved him as well. Tough sh*t but you can't deny him a big job like Arsenal. I honesty hope he does well.
Never thought I'd see the day. Good luck Gigi, you are a legend!
He stuck it out with France but has yet to get called up.
2 days ago
With Mancini, we can expect a 4-4-2 formation with some slight variations at times. He has tried a back 3 but Italy should play theirs strengths at this point. ...
Lol, Iniesta could join us as a player/coach. I hope that happens. Silva and Iniesta on the same field. Lord have mercy!
@Tomi, You better calm your greedy self down lol! Lets just be humble and try to sign Neymar instead. @Khessler, I've seen him play a few games in Serie A thi...
3 days ago
I would welcome him with open arms. His one hell of a player but pulling that move off his wishful thinking.
My, even Brendan Rodgers is looking like a dream at this point.
4 days ago
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