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Still, loaning out Negredo is a terrible idea. We need at least 2 target men or CF on the team, the only one we have is Dzeko and what happens when his injured ...
1 hour ago
Not quite I'm hearing Inter might sign a very talented young prospect from Marsille by the name of Florian Thauvin. I've seen him in a few games and the kid is ...
6 hours ago
He looks so happy! I'm glad he can go to a club where he can play.
Falcao would have been something speical if he signed for you guys, I was really convinced he was going to Madrid after the Di Maria sale and now I must hate on...
10 hours ago
@Drogbalampard, have you watched Falcao? When in form, he can pretty much do anything.
Imo, getting a world class CB on loan would have been a better plan then a striker in this case. Utd back-line is horrendous and I don't know if Marcos Rojo is ...
Wondering if you guys are gonna make a last ditch move for a striker or not? I mean why did Wenger wait, should have gotten a deal done by now because with CL c...
Chelsea, they sold Luiz for 50mil and loaned Torres for 2 seasons to Milan. Basically got rid of their bad players and brought in Costa, Fabergas and Luis. Then...
1 day ago
First off, very disappointing results take place when you think one game in the PL is walk in the park and that's how I felt our players where playing right unt...
2 days ago
Sad about Sandro, could have been a top class player if it wasn't for those knee injuries which are hard to recover from, the guy is a beast but tough luck for ...
3 days ago
Roma sign Adrien Rabiot, what the bummer! I mean they got Monalos, Ucan, Iturbe and now Rabiot. I don't know how their doing it, they are signing some top quali...
^ Actually I'm hearing they can sign Alaverz permanently for 7-8mil. On the other hand if letting Alavrez go for such a bad deal means Inter is getting a player...
@VanderAraf, come on man, Sjarnan tried!
Ethio, you must be kidding???? Have you seen Remy? His a class above Ba and unlike Ba he can stay on his fit and score lots of goals. Remy would be the perfect ...
@LyverBird, I've watched Glen and I should have worded it differently. I know his better as an attacking player but defensively his terrible.
MK Dons beating Utd stole the headlines of Di Maria joining Utd.
4 days ago
What's the deal he got tackled in training, it doesn't mention that he got injured and is out. Then again its Daily Mail!
We can to play our cards right against Roma, Roma isn't going to be an easy win at all. Nothing is going to be easy in this group, once again were in a tough sp...
This is team is weaker but it certainly gave the team and the fans a good insight on what the team is capable of when their playing top football. First off, I'm...
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