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What a finish! Icardi with the game winning goal and a brilliant cross by Vecino. Milan was strong and held things together but neither side really created too ...
46 minutes ago
If he gets dropped, Jose needs to go. Marital is so talented.
5 hours ago
Can't see why we don't make UCL semis or finals this year. We really have a good squad. Without starting KDB, Sterling or Jesus we still have Sane, Mahrez, Silv...
20 hours ago
Were good without KDB but with KDB we just play to another level. Glad to have him back and a great performance from us.
Henry at Monaco. How do you guys think he will fair? His an intelligent guy but with the patch of new former PL legends Lampard, Henry, Gerrard, Terry etc, taki...
2 days ago
Its going to be interesting and a morale booster if Inter manage to win. Milan won't be easy, their MF is a unit and Higuain is out to prove himself. Its worr...
3 days ago
His focused on tennis lol!
I'm really impressed with Emery. Considering he went from PSG to Arsenal, where PSG can spend 200mil on player and Arsenal would give him less than 60mil for a ...
4 days ago
He needs to stop wasting his time at LB, just needs to change to a LW. He really can't defend.
6 days ago
Saudi Arabia prince interested in buying Utd? Ahh....we'd all like to know what happened to that poor reporter first. Release the CCTV.
I wonder who the Germans will blame now?
1 week ago
Jardim does seem like a nice pick, he really knows how to work with young players and develop them but hard to say how he will deal with the pressure of being a...
On that list, DDG, Martial, Smallings,Shaw and Pereira stays. The rest can go. It won't be easy accepting to lose some for free but tbh, if this team wants to ...
Neuer Bonucci Modric Hazard Messi
What's with the Trent kid playing chess, boy needs to work on his crossing. I was highly impressed with Joe Gomez, he looked really solid at RB.
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