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18 hours ago
We really did, the 2-0 was almost too good, feels more like a loss than a draw. I was jumping with joy when G.Jesus scored, only to find out it was offside:(
22 hours ago
He will probably need time because the PL and Brazilian League are two very different places. Although having seen him for Brazil, kids got lots of confidence a...
2 days ago
Tbf to him, he was a talented player when he was at PSV and was doing well for the Dutch national team during the world cup. Can't really blame LVG for signing ...
3 days ago
One problem I have with Inter. They get a load and then lose the game, can't seem to control the game 90 minutes through. Hopefully Pioli can fix that. Although...
One thing I miss is having players like Dzeko. I know at times he was hard to watch but it would be nice to have an ariel threat. Scoring a headed goal is rarit...
4 days ago
I disagree. I think Pep can turn it around. In fact, he already has. Sure we haven't been playing well for the past few months but it would be lie to say that w...
@AgueroCity, Pep won't change his style but he has to understand that he has to make a few adjustments to the type of game he plays due to the circumstances in ...
City fans have a mind of their own, they do not give a s**t about what other people think, lol! I guess you can't fault them because I go through the same thin...
Damn Murillo!
Jovetic made the same kind of impact when he joined Inter. I except him to adjust to a league its more technical than tactical. Although I would judge him after...
5 days ago
Fair to say that Pep should start Willy Caballero ahead of Bravo against Spurs. Bravo is just having a bad time and Willy was beast against Barca last time arou...
Like I said before, I think Pep will invest big on the back-line and DMs position but with contracts running out, its better to wait until the summer. So I thin...
No. Pep is still a quality manager, his only problem at City is that he doesn't have the players that can play his system. Even with Pep, we still have the same...
^ His only 22, kid has a good future ahead of him. I think with Pioli, he can try turning him into the Lucas Biglia type of player that he had at Lazio. Time wi...
6 days ago
Pep stated a while ago that his happy with his current team. I wounder what his thinking right now?
Selling Hart was one of those stupid moves that are club is prone to making. Over the years, we've seen dumb decisions take place. Just like when we sold Nastas...
All those guys that SilvaMaestro just named, I would take them back in a heart beat. Why? Because those guys despite some of their issues, we played like a team...
No, Bravo was class at Barca but his gotten so bad, I don't know what happened.
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