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No offense to Utd but theirs nothing for him to destroy. He will be given the money, if not he wouldn't bother taking the job. Joze has always been a spending m...
2 hours ago
Well lets be honest here. Although I do think Benz played well against Switz, Hondu, Ecuador and Nigeria. When the real test came up against Germany, Benz was a...
20 hours ago
I don't know why people make such a big deal about his age. His in his mid twenties although he looks older, I've seen worse.
I was just wondering what we could have accomplished if Mancini was still at helm? This season will be MP's third full season, about the same time Mancini had w...
2 days ago
No surprise, we drew utd, got hammered dragged around for 70 minutes by Arsenal who could have won by a margin of 5 goals in the first half. Got a owned by a gr...
Juan Mata checking his phone for all the latest rumors in football, his praying Joze isn't the next manager.
3 days ago
Damn the Manchester Derby will be heated, its lost its intensity after Mancini and SAF left but Pep and Mou should spice it up.
The talk of West Ham United has been weather Dimitri Payet should be in the French squad or not. The French squad is loaded imo. Its going to be tough for him...
Neymar is the player everyone wants. His a future Ballon D'or winner after Messi and Cr7 are done at the top level. With that being said, I don't believe Pep ...
^ Old and recycled? I see were your coming from by wanting a fresh look but apart from the diving bit, Busquet is the back-bone in Barca's team. His the glue,...
Tough luck on Zouma, I thought the kid would definitely make the Euros with France this summer. Speedy recovery.
4 days ago
So Sergio Busquets saying, Pep could lure him to Man City. Hard to believe but would be awesome. If theirs one player I want following Pep from Bayern, its Le...
@Franky, their are times were our team plays really well and looks deserving of the title but when we lose, we just look like absolutely s**t. I wish I could sa...
You could say the same with Bony, he cost us 28 million. At Swansea he was amazing, scoring insane goals but with City we require a lot more technical foot-work...
I was afraid second half of the season will catch up to us but I didn't expect Inter to fall apart that fast. Went from being the title contenders to now 11 poi...
That's the big issue I saw on the pitch against Leicester, no heart whatsoever. The team looks like their going through the motions despite the fact that were p...
5 days ago
I think were going to make top 4, I mean lets be honest here, it would be embarrassing if we didn't. Utd and Chelsea haven't been amazing this season and with A...
6 days ago
It was a huge mistake announcing Pep as manager in the middle of the season. Its throws players off and those who know their going to be sold, won't give it the...
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