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No one expected this from Zuculini, no one even knew who Zuculini before he was signed. I really didn't expect this from a 21 year old. Txiki is a bloody genius...
1 hour ago
Fernando is such a beast we have so much depth in the center of the park right now:)
5 hours ago
Well looks like Dani Osvaldo is due for a medical at Inter Milan on a six month loan deal with a 5.6mil option to buy. His not my cup of tea but at the end of ...
11 hours ago
Its not that bad but its certainly not step up to our 3rd kit from last season, should have just kept that one.
1 day ago
We gotta let Micah go on loan one his last year of his contract, his was just playing below par when he came on, I mean by far the most well rested man in the C...
It was a dry game to be honest from Inter Milan, it is what it is and its just only pre-season nothing to worry about but what impressed the most was Vidic's le...
So I'm hearing rumors about a loan swap deal for Taider to Southampton for Dani Osvaldo? After seeing Taider play in the world cup, he put on a good performance...
After scoring 15 and 17 goals on his 2 years on loan at West Brom and Everton what makes you thing Lukaku wants to sit on the bench and come off as a game chang...
2 days ago
Lukaku is just not technical with the ball like Digeo Costa, his first touch his horrendous and that's his biggest weakness but everything else he just dominate...
His had a tough summer, give the guy a break. His agent goes off making s**t up to steer things up, Ivory Coast gets eliminated during the group stage in the wo...
Scott Sinclair is actually doing really well in preseason. This is the most I've every seen him play for City and his certainly handling it well. I'd love to se...
3 days ago
Sure doesn't sound like this is going to happen again, his agent is just an attention seeking bitch that's all. Although it would have been stupid for Yaya to l...
Things are looking up, with the talent Atl has now combined with Mandzukic ,Griezmann and Oblak things are really looking good for the replacements Simone has b...
For now Ramsey is clearly better then him but Barkley has so much potential, if you actually watch him play games for Everton you'll know how important he is to...
They got all their talents stripped away in one window and have to literally start from scratch all over again. They might have a lot of money from all the sale...
That was our B/C team + new signings. Hell our team had more chemistry then their A team.
The lack of chemistry is showing within Inter, its a good squad for sure but still needs growing and more games to build some team chemistry.
4 days ago
Eid Mubarak to all my City mates!
Torres needs to leave asap, not just because of his miss but to save the rest of his career or at least whats left of it. His got 2 more years left his contract...
Jovetic is up and running, lets hope he stays fit. Inform his just a beast out there.
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