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He doesn't grab the headlines but I like it that way, he doesn't need all the attention, he will receive that in the future, right now he just needs to keep plu...
52 minutes ago
Auba would be the best option because of his speed that he brings as a striker. Canvani and Hig won't come cheap, you'll have to break the bank for them. Morata...
^ Emery is still young, successful but his still needs to work on his defensive approach to managing. I like him though, he really makes his team work for each ...
The reason why people are saying Madrid didn't deserve it is because its Real Madrid. People expect flawless performances from the very best teams from start to...
Well the FA wanted the money so they choose the money. The thing is, with most top leagues they produce top quality talent but the real secret is the lower and ...
1 day ago
I've always liked Florenzi, his a hard worker on the pitch and can pretty much play CM, RB and RW. Not to mention for the last few seasons his been playing 40+ ...
Wow, I feel for him. When your the most followed footballer in the world, you hire people you trust to deal with your other work and he really seems like he tru...
I think the fact that his never won a major title with Argentina is what hurts him the most. Its bizarre because Argentina always looked like they had the poten...
2 days ago
Wow, you guys act like Barca is the only team that gets s**t from other FT members.
3 days ago
I don't mind seeing Stones but he can't be our only CB that Pep signs. We need another experienced CB alongside Otamendi because Stones has a lot to learn.
Griez might leave but don't think Saul will walk away, he just broke out, in a few seasons but not now.
You gotta step up when it matters. Cr7 was cramping badly but finished it when it mattered.
Congrats, brutal s**t for Atleti, I feel for them but you guys stepped up when it mattered.
If he signs, he won't be no understudy. His shown his capable of playing against the best. Nacho will have a real challenge in his hands because Ric Rod is the ...
4 days ago
^ Same goes for City and pretty much any club that will spend big. I won't be surprised if he stays at Bilbao, his injury could set him back and if he fails t...
I had high hopes once we signed him, now his looking more like another Jovetic. Takes one step forward, falls 20 steps back. I don't expect his situation to cha...
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