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^Exactly. Aguero drops back to get a footing on the ball from passes because his useless when it comes to crosses. We need a Dzeko to play right in front of him...
9 hours ago
You make a good point. Players like Vidic and Torres bring golden names here, a certain level of value to this team that needs it. A loan move could perhaps wor...
Http:// So its not much of a rumor an...
1 day ago
This season could also be ours. Why have people give up? All they have to do is slip up once and at the very least get one draw in their next 4 games and we hav...
2 days ago
Its sad really, I wish we could have sold anyone but him. Inter never gave him 20+ starts in a season but Liverpool gave him that and believed him. We should ha...
That's why I put an "X" there. If Cambi is here next season or not we need another CDM, quality player that can sit right in front of the defense, a quick playe...
All we need is one other striker and we are set. Icardi is a gem and Palacio is a hardworking machine. Both need to be here next season. Shout out to Alvarez fo...
I hope this reports are true.
3 days ago
Come to think of it, he did play but yet they didn't bitch about it then yet they want to now. If I was Courtois and I heard Chelsea would deny me the chance ...
Well I don't know about you but the attacking game that we played all season has come up big for us, we've taken big points off of big teams because of it. The ...
Congrats on the win and what a game that was, literally at the edge of my seat the whole time. Any who, congrats and good luck.
The max they can get now is 12 with their 4 remaining games which would give them 89 points but if they even draw one game and we win the rest then the power an...
Yeah, really take it easy. We still have more games to play and they could slip up a game and that's all we need them to do, even if they draw against say Chels...
Come on now, don't give! That's not what I want to hear.
Anytime you play with a three man defense, you better have three quality players at the back. You look at the Italian national team and they do it so well becau...
Icardi is defensively top notch and I hope he keeps scoring until the end of the season. His going to be a big star in the future and we need more young talent ...
Oh god, this is a major blow for us. Even with the two games at hand they have one point more then we will if we win both. Now all we can hope for is they lose ...
What was the ref doing today. He made some major bad calls today.
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They are a few who show up often to this page actually. I know I've been posting here for a while now as much as I can give my take on every game and Mt1234 has...
4 days ago
With Barca losing to Granada, a win against Getafe will send us three points clear of Madrid if they win and 4 points clear of Barca. Come on Rojiblancos:) Dieg...
2 weeks ago
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