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The kits have gotten worse. I miss the 2010 WC kits and the 2011 third kit, the red with the dark blue sash. Bring those back. The sash was simple but so beauti...
7 hours ago
@Rustic, with his stubbornness and lack of tactical flexibility not to mention his fetish for older players, we are going nowhere. I hope his not here next seas...
13 hours ago
Heard the team doctor has been with Bayern for 40 years. Sad to see it had to end that way for him. On the other hand if this is true, such an asshole thing for...
19 hours ago
Wolfsburg were sloppy that night against Inter but Inter failed to take charge, in truth Wolfsburg are on another level compared to Inter. That loss to Napoli c...
^ Don't get me wrong I want Vieira as well but I don't know if his ready. City is a big club with ambitions to get better results in Europe. Klopp took Dortmund...
I think management will be pressured to sack MP and replace him with Klopp. Theirs no way of knowing weather Pep will join City or not but Klopp is to good of a...
22 hours ago
Pep isn't going to leave Bayern until next season, not to mention his already stated he wanted to manage Utd but I just don't see it happening.
They both just need another season under their belts. Watch Managla and Fernando go beast mode next season. I mean I wanted Demichelis gone during his first sea...
1 day ago
I would choose Viera as well. As much as I want a high profile manager, Viera most definitely understand the club a lot more than any of those manager and even ...
2 days ago
Its called work ethic. Simone was literally on his feet the entire game, you could also see Mandzukic playing CM at times which is something you'd never see our...
Atletico are going to slowly play their way in.
3 days ago
Come on Atletico!
@Tomi, I guess you have a point. Yeah I agree, what I love about Simone is he not only gets you on his side but he urges the team to grind out results. I want ...
Remember not every single City fan agrees with this kind of behavior just like not every Chelsea fan agrees with the racist crap that was displayed in Paris. I ...
4 days ago
Its so disgusting, theirs a difference between being pissed off that your team lost the derby and just being a disgraceful pieces of s**t. If they want to insul...
Stop making these damn bets, guys! Every time I see a RVP dp, I'm like "Who the f is this?".
Silva is a part of our strong core team, we can't possibly sell him. Bringing in a younger creative talent that can bag assists and score goals makes sense but ...
Consistent wins are to mainstream nowadays. Who needs them!
5 days ago
We've lost to many good players over the seasons, its ridiculous. Tevez, De Jong, Barry, Nastasic, Denis Suarez, Richards and now Milner who's fed up with the c...
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