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Well that because Everton know where Man City. They know we got the cash to spend and are desperate for quality English players. I really doubt Ake or Holding...
1 hour ago
Thanks mate!
8 hours ago
Stones needs a decent partner in CB. His a good young player but Otamendi has been worse in many cases. If Kompany was still fit and playing, Stones would have...
@Bazinga, I wasn't just speaking about City but Monaco was well. Not to mention, he just pulls a yellow on Zabaleta for no reason.
I thought Martial was the next Henry, now Mbappe comes out of nowhere.
Another French wizkid. I swear, this French youngsters are popping out of everywhere.
What a game! Our defenders should thank the MF and ATT for bailing them out tonight. Special mention to Willy, the man is ballin! I do not want to see him displ...
What the hell was that? The man was just insane.
^ Agreed. Enrique has struggled but this does not entirely fall on him. Replacing the quality this team has lost was always going to be hard and even for the ...
Perez is getting the Campbell treatment. A really good hardworking talented player that can contribute more than others but getting ignored for just about no go...
AFTV is more entertaining to watch than the actual pundits.
These replays are so annoying. We should just play 90 minutes + extra time and possibly Pks. No reason for another game.
I don't blame him, if that's the case for him leaving, then so be it. He won. If he was still here for them, he could still but in a good shift in the RB positi...
1 day ago
Kondo has looking better in recent times, still looks clumsy but the effort and tenacity is there. I gotta love that about him. As for the rest of the league,...
Wow, so you guys are really moving into the new arena next season. I don't know what it is but I always like White Hart Lane, probably one of my favorite pitche...
2 days ago
The man hasn't played in a very long time. Of course his going to be rusty and last time I remember he was a very important player when we had our strong run ea...
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