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Score: 0-0 Barca locker room half time: Valverde walks in, stands in the center of the locker room "Oh right boys, ahh....I don't know how to put this...but....
3 hours ago
Ikr, I thought Borja was woeful today. Seemed like he couldn't keep up at hole, left Gagli and Vecino figting the tough pressure Roma kept applying. Gagli was p...
4 hours ago
Daniel Sturridge? For a loan move yes but Ausi couldn't find anyone else? I like Sturridge but his not exactly what he use to be. His quick, good finisher and...
Danilo must be really far down the pecking order. I mean when Pep picks another MF to play LB instead of Danilo, it doesn't sound too good for him. On the oth...
Speedy recovery to James McCarthy. Terrible injury.
Crazy wages but Utd are so desperate for world class talent atm. So I can see why but the wages are insane, he better bag 25-30 goals with what his earning. Fo...
Whoever the chief scout is now for Arsenal. He deserves some props. Mhiki will service as a great alternative/roation for Ozil or even start together. Neverthel...
1 day ago
Sane is just soooooooooooo goooood! Props to Zinchenko for doing so well on his debut, what a fantastic young player.
Glad the board/manager are finally learning from past mistakes. Spa deserves credit as he sought Vecino and Borja out and both turned out for us. Hoping the sha...
2 days ago
Neymar don't like Cavani because Cavani is the only person who hasn't bended over for him like the entire league.
Just watched Jadon Sancho play for Dortmund against Hertha Berlin. The boy is quality at 17, lots of confidence. Lacks finishing but great on the ball and provi...
The team learned their lesson after ffp. The wages had to lowered and the basic salaries for our guys need to be less than 180k a week. KDB earns a 160k a week...
Idk why people would question this move. Why would you not want a top quality player playing for you? Auba offers so much pace, I can see a Laca-Auba partnershi...
3 days ago
I follow Inter, no way in hell they will fork up 30mil for injury prone Sturridge. If anything they will ask for a loan move first with and maybe an option to b...
4 days ago
^ Spa knows that if Inter can continue the 2nd half of the season strongly, then we have every chance to grab a UCL place. No point in wasting time. The message...
5 days ago
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