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The reason why FFP is breathing down our necks is because clubs like us and PSG spend more then we make thanks to our owners. Clubs like Bayern Munich, that mon...
4 hours ago
Lots of respect to Burnley but they might be able to pull that off in the Championship but its not going to be so easy in the PL. Although welcome to the PL!
14 hours ago
Its Mou being Mou either his bluffing or trying to save himself the embarrassment before it happens. Either way I don't think Chelsea is going to beat Liverpool...
Despite all the jokes I feel bad for Moyes. Utd might have had a disastrous season but he only really made two major signings to the club since he arrived, one ...
Big game this weekend, how you guys feeling?
1. World Cup 2. Euros 3. Champions League 4. Domestic League Title Nothing is bigger and more prestigious then the grandest stage of them, the world cup. Every...
2 days ago
Pelle fails to live up to his promise of rotating players. Its almost about to end our season and players are fatigued and exhausted. We need to keep them fresh...
Well no disrespect to him but his was old as hell and he wanted to go out on a high and he was like 12 points clear of everyone else that season with Utd so why...
You know if Moyes gets sacked Utd are still going to be paying him. So my question is why the hell was he given a 6 year contract? Its makes no sense, a 4 or 3 ...
3 days ago
^ I agree. Mark Hughes and AVB will turn things around for Utd.
The fact is we are still a growing project with a successful future. I a few seasons ago when people were like City only buys class, they don't produce their ow...
Troll attack in process
Damn Luke Shaw is amazing. Just watched the game against Aston Villa and literally the kid is just overlapping over and over again with such ease and pace. Its ...
His so right in every way. I wish I could read it to Pelle or something because this article is spot on. For starters the overworked players like Toure and Fer...
His got one season of professional football under his belt, I don't know if its a good idea and capped 0 times for Italy. I mean that's just rushing things imo....
----------Howard-------------- Zabaleta--Cahill-Koscielny--Shaw ---------Gerrard--Yaya------ Hazard-----Silva-----Lallana ----------Suarez------- Subs: Baines,...
I don't know why Rodwell doesn't get the start, his so much better then Garcia. Garcia doesn't really contribute anything to the game. He can't keep up with the...
Pulis proved everyone wrong. He said when he was signed that his main objective was to get Crystal Palace out of the relegation battle and survive. I don't thin...
4 days ago
^ Its Karma man, it hurts! Chelsea feeling the pain!
^Your right that kind of play is unacceptable and Pelle needs to get on their ear about that, give the whole damn team a dressing down. Those 80min they looked ...
1 week ago
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