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^What about Rekik? His already been demanding for minutes and I can't blame him his been putting on good performances and could be soon breaking his way in the ...
5 hours ago
Sure he is:)
Indeed we can produce top talents but again its a big blow to see him go if that's the case. Boyata has proven his not every reliable at all but Rekik is going ...
9 hours ago
Agreed, he has to be better then Alvarez in terms of goals and for me personally I would be leaning over a little more experience for this position. Someone who...
It will always come down with the same problem Rekik or Nastasic next summer as well. One of them has to go eventually and as sad as it is Nastasic is the likel...
14 hours ago
Http:// Looks like Nastasic might really be on his way out after...
23 hours ago
Dammit everyone already got their check, for fucks sake wheres mine??????
Yeah looking back Fernando is the player to have on the field, his tackles are top notch and I never really noticed how fast the dude actually is. Its hard to b...
Tomi pretty much summed up what I was thinking. The truth is City doesn't have the history to attract top players, so with our owner City pretty much used what ...
I know, Atl might even make a few more signing before the window closes. I'm waiting for Jose Sosa to permanently join the team and for Alt to sign a clinical s...
1 day ago
Fernando is a big dude, I was getting confused weather it was Kompany or Fernando.
Steve Bruce ----------------------Bengalio--------------------- -------------Siqueira-----Subotic---Varane --------Hamsik----Reus---Coutinho---Khedira----Davi...
People be like "City is buying their titles". It sure looks a lot different nowadays with every top club spending big money in the PL as well.
^ I heard she was on maternity leave, I think he she might have given birth already. I mean she already taken dude, tough luck! lol! Mangala might start, not s...
2 days ago
I noticed he couldn't bomb forward, was a bit wasteful and sluggish despite having a hand in the first goal. He needs to hit the gym hard because we need that Y...
@Ethio, I agree, you guys need a backup/rotation player for Costa asap. Drogba is out and Torres isn't going to bring much anymore and makeshift strikers aren't...
Clichy messed up a lot at the RB position and some of his passes didn't stick. Looked clumsy, hopefully we can have Sagna or Zaba ready for Liverpool or were go...
Https:// Its on here as well. Might be even quicker.
3 days ago
You guys caught a good signing on Eric Dier, his so composed and calm with the ball and played so much better then Kaboul, hard to believe his only 20 years old...
Moya was brought in as a backup, Oblak is the starter. Didn't know he had an injury.
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