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A game of two halfs for us. The first half we didn't look so good, we couldn't break through Newcastle defensive wall but worse of all, we couldn't defend at al...
8 hours ago
I heard KDB cheated on her, then she decided to get back at him. Any who, KDB has a kid with another women now. I wounder how those two get along in national te...
1 day ago
As much I would love to see Inter get in it, we do also have many new faces in our squad, their going to need time to adjust right now. The defense has been sol...
We worry about Aguero, he puts 5 goals past Newcastle. This is a kind of confidence booster he needed. Hopefully he continues.
So Belgium want Kompany even though his not fully fit? I get his their captain and all but it seems like a waste of time and travel for him when his should be ...
^ You gotta give them time. Otamendi, KDB and Sterling are in their first season at City and will need time to settle. Look at Mangala, he struggled but now see...
3 days ago
Happy to get the three points but not impressed at all. I was on the edge of my sit for the first 60-65 minutes of the game because we just didn't look like we ...
When did you guys sign this Mike Smallings dude? Top class player.
4 days ago
Top class performance from Joe Hart.
With Juve, they've been wining so much and dominated Italy for 4 seasons, they forgot what working hard to get wins feel like. Its been such stroll for them, it...
Not sure why Wenger didn't go with Cech but Cech hasn't been amazing either on the other hand Ospina's rustiness showed today in an important match. Olympicos w...
Damn both Chelsea and Arsenal lost. I really hope we get a win!
5 days ago
^lolz Never mind, though Yaya was injured. I mean who else is going to start alongside Fernandinho? Don't get wrong, I've given up on Fernando.
Its quite bizarre before the injury he was top, top class. I remember I was amazed at how good the guy was at Atletico, he was right up their with Messi and Ron...
So will Montaya be given chance now or not? I can see Inter reverting to a back 4 formation again but Santon has been poor lately, I kind of what to see what Mo...
We simply cannot lose this next UCL game. We have to get a win this time. Mochengladbach haven't been as good last season but we can't get complacent and must p...
6 days ago
^ Oh the players get blamed on as well. Dejan Lovern was getting hammered on twitter, I think it was the West Ham game. Although their defensive has always been...
Hopefully but if Mancini tries experimenting again in big games, were going to see more loses.
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