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Although you can't help but wounder, Joe Hart is somewhere in Turin smiling about Bravo's situation.
2 hours ago
Lol, Tomi got so offended, he had to pull out I'm Blue. @MODM, Milan fan are you? It seems like Milan finally found a good manager in Montella. Unbeaten in la...
We've had some tough games the last few weeks. We need to get ourselves a win, won't be easy against the Saints but hopefully the trip to San Siro plays it's ef...
7 hours ago
Bazinga, I'm not on anyone's side. I would have bashed Pep if I felt like he deserved it but if you watched our other meetings with Barca, it wasn't even close....
1 day ago
I swear people need a single game to trash on Pep. Been in the job for small amount of time and we've looked really good under him. I say we should put on a bet...
How does one simply stop MSN? Please tell us how? Messi alone is a dangerous as hell, add Suarez and Neymar and you've got the most lethal attacking unit in wor...
Not sure why Aguero didn't start because he should. Before the sending off, we were taking the game to Barca. You can see the difference in City today then the ...
Even when Snitch was here, its not like we were crawling with fans. We always had a small community on this page but its become a lot smaller in recent times. E...
2 days ago
Really pissed. Even though they were up 1-0, I had a feeling we were going to get a goal back in the second half until it went to shits. Sterling and KDB are ha...
I thought he was a a quality CAM at Bilbao and then he came to Utd and I thought he played the CM well, underrated. Now his playing DM like a freaking beast! Wh...
If Fabregas really is leaving Chelsea. I want him to join Inter, he can set up so many goal-scoring chances from deep its crazy. He doesn't have the defensive g...
6 days ago
Chalobah is starting to really to come in with quality, good for him. His one of your own, the club and Conte should push to give him more time, if anyone is re...
Simeone yes, Suarez and Aguero no. Suarez will probably go back to Liverpool before he goes to Italy. I want to see Aguero retire at City, he did also mention h...
Unreal, we missed two chances to get a win by a two goal margin. I miss Yaya taking Pks, he hardly ever missed. Aguero is hot and cold with Pks, shouldn't be ta...
Why not call it egg ball.
1 week ago
^ England is a stressful job, I don't blame Joe for losing his fuse but tbh his probably their only top class player that other national teams would take in a h...
^ I don't care about Argentina, as long as he keeps getting the job done for City! More important KDB is back as well. Might get some minutes against Everton bu...
I'm sure Bellerin will stay, Ozil is the real problem. I don't blame Ozil for asking for a big salary, most of his German national teammates who some don't make...
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