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@Aaron222, He did that at Bayern as well.
2 hours ago
@SIF, Pep is a little overconfident and its caught up to him. Part of thinks he still thinks his in Bundesliga, were he can try out new things and formations bu...
He was injured, I think he just came back and Pep wasn't going to rush him in. Not to mention Pep tends to rotate players often, Sterling is no doubt a starter...
My hometown team Seattle Sounders just won the MLS Cup!!!!!!!
^ Yes he would have. Hart was an insane shot stopper, Bravo really needs to step it up.
7 hours ago
Stones is still young, only 22. As a young CB, he still has a long way to go and a lot to learn. Not to mention it doesn't help that he has Sagna and Kolarov as...
Build this man a statue already!
Pep thinks this is Bundesliga. Their are no experimental games in the PL.
Too confident, we were missing Aguero but more importantly Fernandinho. Not to mention Pep has a rotation policy which at times is good but today was not the da...
13 hours ago
Exactly, today was all Pep's doing. Playing a back 3 against a side with so much pace is an awful game plan. The only reason we got a away with it at times was ...
U gotta be kidding me! Playing a back 3 and we don't even having Fernandinho? What da f**k are you thinking Pep?????
14 hours ago
I just didn't understand why he left Schalke for Wolfsburg? I mean, sure Wolfsburg were doing well but after KDB left, the team was going downhill. His no KDB, ...
^ Damn, 4 season no without playoffs. With the expansion draft, maybe they can pick up a few players.
I don't see you guys holding on to Opsina for long though. I mean his too good to play back-up, simple as that. If an offer good enough comes, I can see him lea...
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