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Hard to watch games during a the week with school, work etc. Missed it but glad to hear that we did well. I'll have to catch the highlights later tonight.
1 hour ago
@Tomi, He was man marking Messi, in fact I don't think Messi won a single duel against him. Even though he was chasing Messi around the whole game, pretty impre...
Interesting story. Koeman told Oumar Niasse he didn't want him at Everton last season, forced to train with the U21 and now that Koeman has no experienced strik...
1 day ago
Don't know how Atalanta will cope with EL and Serie A games this season, they still have a good team tho. Samp could be having one of those seasons with the way...
2 days ago
These guys always make pre-mature comments and end up eating their own words.
Leaving it late as always, nevertheless I'll take it as this was a scrappy one. Got to keep up with the big boys and build momentum for the Milan showdown.
Problem was Bertrand was tagged at 30mil by the Saints. Honestly, paying big money for another FB who is 27-28, not a great idea really. Would rather have us si...
Diego Costa coming back just makes them a hell of a lot more dangerous then before. Costa just gives them that edge up front and annoys the leaving crap out of ...
3 days ago
Lots of games being played in such short amount of time but the boys have been doing so damn well. El Mago is such a pleasure to watch and Tomi his head looks f...
Dat pass to Giroud tho...... Not a single player on the team atm could have pulled that off. That's what I like about Wilshere, when it comes to delivering a pa...
4 days ago
Yaya along with Silva where 2 of the most important core players brought from la liga. We took a chance on both players and spend big despite the criticism we ...
I suppose, but tbf we expected that from him last season. Maybe he really lacked confidence and the pace of the league and the pressure on him during his first ...
^True, I feel this season we can go all the in both the league and UCL. At this point, we can't have small shortcomings like not having another FB or CB cost us...
5 days ago
Delph played LB, not exactly bad at all tbh but the depth/quality is something Pep has to wondering about. I wonder if the CB and LB situation will be addressed...
^ Good one!
Bad performance but a mid week cup game against West Brom, tough to get motivated for it but some of the boys got a good run out. So bummed about Gundogan, hope...
J.k, I loved all those guys. That Adebayor goal vs Arsenal and celebration was legendary.
@Tomi, he was until we ended his hopes when he got injured right before the WC 2014. Since then, never been the same.
6 days ago
More like Wenger duped us all. Wenger made us believe we were getting his best players. A true genius really that handed us the likes of Adebayor, Clichy and Na...
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