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Andre Gomes from Valencia is pretty beast. His top notch, he can attack well and defend. Not to mention his 6'2 as well. Won't mind having him at City as well. ...
1 hour ago
Pogba is on every top teams wishlist. Although I do think Madrid will lure him. Perez is always out for the hottest product and Pogba is the biggest in Europe. ...
^I guess you make a good point about UCL. I'd prefer someone like Koeman tbh but it is hard to deny Ancelotti.
2 hours ago
^ I do agree Yaya was our best player last season but we have to come to the conclusion that his aging. I'm not saying sell him or give up on him but I'm saying...
Neymar is only 23 with already 60 apps for his country and 43 goals. The kid is certainly living up to the hype, when his playing for Brazil his just a differen...
3 hours ago
@ManOnDMoon. Fernando and Mangala are still playing in their first season. They should get the benefit of the doubt. Jovetic is leaving, I don't think his stayi...
5 hours ago
Have you seen him for Real Madrid this season? His got a great team but he tends to be sttuborn with tactics and never really changes things up when they need h...
I want us to sign another CM that has quality that we can rotate between Toure and him. I was ideally thinking Pjanic of Roma but I don't know how Yaya will rea...
12 hours ago
I want to see Mirleam Pjanic at City next season. If his really leaving Roma we could use a CM like him. His quality is immense and not to mention having anothe...
Tbh the same could be said about Kane. Where would Spurs be without him and his goals, important goals. Spurs don't really have another effective consistent fin...
22 hours ago
^ Exactly, were not asking to sell 10 to 11 players. The old guards are done, I mean why should we keep players that aren't good enough and who also make a lot ...
23 hours ago
Me as well. Although MP, Ferran and Tikixi need to implement a new emphasis on youth players and build the future City team for the next 4-5 seasons. Their are ...
2 days ago
Props to the Liverpool fans who held Balotelli against Smalling. They really did him a favor, just sometimes he just acts like an idiot. I really like Balotelli...
The Madrid fans are animals, one minute they praise the hell our of their team and players and the next second they are booing them and hunting for the head jus...
3 days ago
Were being linked with Ancelotti now? Pass! If were going to sack MP I want someone better or don't give him the sack at all. Won't mind if they let the dude pl...
I would say Matic, the dudes a beast. I don't hate him either but his just really good. Probably one of the best if not the best DM in Europe.
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4 days ago
We could have ended the game 6-0 or 7-0, probably the easiest game we've played all season. I would have been disappointed if we didn't get all three points and...
I'm surprised Aguero is actually that high up the table. It seems like he was one form for a while, got injured, hasn't been as consistent for a while yet still...
5 days ago
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