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Good game. The replay confirms that Keita ran into Kaka, but everything happend so fast, and Ivory Coast players over-reacting, the Ref was caught in the situat...
8 years ago
England will not advance out of the group for 2 simple reasons: 1. Confidence (they lacked it in the US game, so as the Algeria game) 2. Chemistry (Algeria pla...
Roma was playing dirty!
I think Brazil will select Maicon (of Inter), D. Alves (of Barca), Juan (of AS Roma) and Lucio (of Inter) in the back. Brazil defense will be the strongest in t...
Inter won this game by: 1. Successfully isolating Messi and Ibrahimovic (he should have been sub'ed earlier in the game). 2. Invested in solid defense 90% of t...
Ivory Coast will play Brazil in the group stages in the World Cup this summer. Should be a highly anticipated game, especially if Ivory Coast win the African cu...
I think he will get picked along with Rooney, Defoe, and Bent. Peter Crouch shouldn't go to South Africa, he just isn't critical as Argbanlahor.
Superb game, Chelsea could have easily won if Anelka, the penalty, and drogba didn't miss.
Gibson will be in the hunt by major clubs if he continues to perform at this level. Great goal.
Inter lost like Chelsea did today. But they will continue to dominate the league, unlike Juve who will do whatever to win the title - including paying ref's and...
Football is not about the best midfielder, attacker, defender, goalkeeper... it's about team chemistry (Barca did this). Replace the real madrid coach, problem...
Chelsea defense and attackers (even goal keeper) are the best in the league if not Europe. Arsenal played a very good game, but they really need a real critica...
I think Chelsea is the most focused English club this year under a great manager. The title is theirs to lose, they are already established a big lead in the ta...
Cool. Thanks for clarifying that. :)
Chicken nuggets. I believe sprinter Usain Bolt had a dozen too before he broke the 100m world record.
Didn't Egypt win 2-0 last leg? what's going on?
Liverpool beat Man Utd few weeks ago at home, but tied Birmingham City today - speaks volumes. They have a good manager (who's contract lets him walk away with...
Ronaldo for South Africa!
Chelsea's last goal was the undisputed goal of the week.
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