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Not quite, my name is far too short to be Azpi, I have unfortunately been unable to break the 30 letter barrier.
4 hours ago
I didn't foresee him becoming the player of the season, but I am not surprised. He pretty much embodies my playing style, as I (and plenty of my former and curr...
6 hours ago
Ba is our saviour. Love him.
17 hours ago
I wouldn't get my hopes up if I were you, the ban will make them much less likely to consider any bids tha aren't bewildering for starting players. I reckon Mo...
I hope his time machine is still functional, because there is literally no way that he could regain what he had. Unless, of course, we can replace his body part...
There is no doubt in my heart, I will ask a question at the end of the season, to which no one could reply, when I say was there ever any doubt?! We are more ...
Beautiful moment.
Time for a rhyme. Don't stress redinheart, I have a feeling that this season's trophy will have ribbons of blue.
We won't lose, but that doesn't mean we'll win. We will gladly take them down and let you walk over to the trophy.
Pelligrini is so bad at mind games that he ends up giving himself a migraine by the end of the day. It's actually sad to watch him struggle like a fish out of ...
Quick thought, I remember the rivalry between SAF and Mourinho when I was younger, I would have never expected every united fan to support Mourinho to this ext...
I wonder why someone who handles the ball before it crosses the line would be held somewhat responsible for their opponent's elimination. Hang on, no I don't.
It's always nice to see someone with class and a backbone standing up for respect. I applaud you for this gesture. Nonetheless, you needn't apologize on behalf...
You and I both mate
Quadruple facepalm, Ethio, Quadruple facepalm
What an evil club that cares dearly for its supporters and the wellbeing of lesser teams. Sarcasm aside, everything about Chelsea's recent evolution is undoubt...
A simple task, is it not? lol
2 days ago
I thought we were West London Blue, Are you telling me that my childhood was a lie?! That's it, I'm calling the PES headquarters.
Day 7: Checked the mail today, no jersey. However, someone mailed me a pinkie finger. Condition: Dissapointed, confused, and slightly aroused. Quit playing ga...
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