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Can i please be unblocked...
5 years ago
Chill on that.." then I will have no hesitation in taking action"..I don't know who you thick your threating?...your not the president your just a MOD..do what ...
If we are rivals I don't know why you expect me to keep quite when my rival is talking rubbish about my team...how can you tell me to watch what I am saying whe...
Rvp is going nowhere,he will stay and help us win something...#2012/2013BPL
And for the ones that do not know...real tried buyin cazorla buy he turned them down...
For all the Alex Song speculations...http://goonertalk.com/2012/07/16/song-contract And watch video.such a masterful player,I remember the first game he played ...
What where their reasons...??
If Rvp doesn't sign an extension on his contract if we bring in santi cazorla then that shows his real intention which is getting a good pay out before he retir...
You pretty much just speculating saying "if and maybe" cause you dont know how the chelsea team would pan out and you dont know how kagawa would play etc..so fo...
I really don't know why we show so much respect to one another...we are rival for crying out loud.
Podolski is coming to nigeria...i think later this month or early next mont
Lol at napada you process your thoughts like kid.there is no need in talking to you.
Olivier and RVP are very similar players.i watch at least 90 percent of montpellier's matches last season,so when he leaves...#Dontpanic#Believe12/13
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