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So your happy with being in 5th? we should be challenging for the title, why can teams like Leicester and Tottenham challenge but we can't. All lvg fault, spen...
6 months ago
Pep, Ancelotti, Mourinho or Giggs? This is the way I see it. At UTD you need to do certain things the united way. 1. Play attractive football (to keep fans happ...
7 months ago
Expectations are too high LVG says. OK. Capital one cup - OUT Champions League - OUT Europa League - We're not gonna win this, with the likes of Dortmund, Napol...
Once Neymar is sick of being Messi's no2. He will soon be the king at Old Trafford.
8 months ago
Neyamr will soon be in a Manchester United shirt.
Damn I thought this will be James Wilsons breakthrough season.
We played good. It's just the scoreline that doesn't look good.
We will definitely finish in the top 4 (I hope so anyway) but can we go another season without a trophy? Kicked by Boro, really shockingly. We won't win the UC...
Least we kept another clean sheet. :LLLL
9 months ago
Take a draw against CSKA or must win?
How do you guys think you will do in tomorrows match? I want to bet on you guys to win but without Messi and defence not looking all that good + being away fro...
1. Ronaldinho 2. Zidane 3. Tony Adams
We miss Luke Shaw.
This has to be one of the strangest seasons so far. It's are best chance to win the title, by beating arsenal tomorrow we will be making a BIG statement and I t...
Agree^^ Fellani is just a good plan B/super sub.
I was thinking about it, I think it may be too early for Giggs to take charge. I mean this is Manchester United we're talking about not some mid-table club, can...
10 months ago
If Pep takes over LVG when he leaves. What does this mean for the clubs future? Will we forever be a possession based football team because we all know that's h...
Both great players :))
Seen this on twitter. Utd signed Italy's best fullback Frances No 1 Holding MF Germanys Captain Dutch Prospect French top prospect and De Gea stays. Embarras...
2nd best keeper in the world. Of course I'll give him another chance. The reason why we're in the UCL is because of him.
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