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4 years ago
This is cute. this reminds me of south park when the kids play 'detectives' lol... i hate to be so mean, but they will probably never read this message anyways...
I am so happy he is coming here. some people dont know why real madrid let him go, but ill tell ya why. I think the sale was done to offset the crazy amount the...
5 years ago
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Quite a few people feel that way. but you, and them, are dead wrong. he doesnt look quick, but he is. he scores typical striker goals, nothing glamorous, but th...
I hope lewandowski isn't stupid enough to go to united..
Im not a big fan of either team, though i do like the character of both squads. but i personally would take nothing from this game. i believe newcastle has a go...
I can do that :)
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I think adebayor cant accept the reality that maybe its HIS attitude that is the problem, not the managers who he spent time with previously and keeps laying th...
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PSV Vs. Ajax
Vmaestro, if you are saying pastore's goal was offiside then you need soccer lessons. he was onside by like 2 metres i dont know how you could make that conclus...
Im being sarcastic, my comments goes out to all the idiots who have said that in the past... bunch of bandwagon hate jumping flea bagging bed wetting teenagers!...
Yo benitez is so garbage, i cant back my arguments with actual facts but hes such a bad coach...
^ is that some kind of italian proverb? i love it!
Agreed. i think many people will argue that it was city playing bad when the fact is that everton is really that good!
Fantastic shot from osman, hart put his heel down from the inital wobble, and that baby just swwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwerved... WOW
Wow. i thought anzi would have had this. congrats to newcastle this was no walk in the park. how much did eto'o cost again?
I like villas boas, but before this game he was laughing, having a good time, like hes the greatest or something. buddy almost ate his words when he was said ar...
Amazing that everything that the fans were worries about (getting beat, keeper change AND weak 11) actually turned out as the opposite. arsenal played a good s...
I dont think its benitez who is coaching. i think there is someone telling him who to put on, and how to play. hes just a puppet. who in the world puts benayoun...
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Ferguson is a sucky baby, but the red card undoubtedly the mentality of all the players on the field. the man advantage doesnt mean a whole lot at that level as...
Every single european country is. some countries simply do a better job concealing it.
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