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Very brave to throw himself into Ronaldo's freekick, but very stupid at the same time. Why form a wall just to stand in front of it. He should have been standin...
5 years ago
All Barcelona fans!
Evan, you have confused me with your statement. Oh you're a Barca fan, I now know why.
Shroomy!!! I think you're on crack, or you don't know the offside rules. Ronaldo was onside when he received the ball, don't let that dummy fool you, dummy!!!
Petulant haha okay!!! After all, he could have scored without a problem but decided to...XYZ.. Petulant wow
I agree.
You're right, I see where you get confused. Ronaldo just made it look easy. Keepers fault though, What is the point of the wall that the keeper put up just to s...
I'm confused?
Pranav91, shut up mate. Two footed challenges is a red, doesnt have to be a goal scoring opp. And Desperado, Arbeloa barged into Nani's leg, haha mate, Arbelo...
Dumbest thing i've red all day. Hate the game? okay then!
Kidulthood, are you a Barca fan or Milan fan. Seems like you only support the best teams in each league. Thats pretty lame if you ask me. too easy. And what do...
Dude, Tito is still calling the shots. Roura's following instructions.
YEAH!!!, They fall before getting touched, I don't get it.
If I was a Madrid fan, I would understand to put 2nd string on.
I think Barcelona played the way they usually play. Good football (But boring) but it is affective. Barcelona had, what 60-70% possession. I just think that tea...
And besides, Jordi Alba i think it was blocked that shot with his arms too. correct decision by the ref
Defender, you are a dumbs, go back to supporting the club you supported before Barcelona. with your predictions, Milan still go through.
Dude, I dont know who blocked that shot but he blocked that shot with his arms too (Jordi Alba maybe), the Milan player was just getting out of the way. Not a h...
How can you call a Man utd fan a glory hunter? Pukaki, go back to supporting your old club.
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