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Should be a vote for 'unlucky', how about a team that played awesome but unlucky not to win, same goes to a team that played like rubbish but is lucky enough to...
6 years ago
Messi has wings, turbo injection in his butt, canons on both his legs, laser sensor in his eyes, intelligent more than AI, but one thing he doesn't have, mercy.
Join Kedah...hahahaha
See...i've said it before, to put a pressure on barca, all madrid have to do if attack. look at the RM line up, kaka, ozil, higuain, the so called special one s...
The solution for RM is obvious here you 'so called the special one', play barca like you play other teams in la liga, attack! of course you'd end up letting in ...
Pardon me, but i don't believe the action of pepe, cavarlho and calejon were all on their own account, i think mourinho has given the order to them, 'everytime ...
Effing ref!
This is where you belong King Henry!
Stupid ref.
In my honest opinion, based on chances, clear or not, RM should've won, but thanks to Ronaldina the Ballerina, two clear chances and none was on target, before ...
Ronaldo was not "incredibly unlucky", he was stupid. nuff said.
The second commentator was extremely bias towards ManU, by the way, can anybody tell me where did rooney get those wig???
If this week will never end, RVP's goal could receive more than 3000 votes
Damn, you've wasted so much of your time to come out with this piece of BS???
I've said this before, the only tactic to counter barca possession game is to also play possession game, but yes, Ronaldina and Di Maria will never understand i...
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