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I've been watching football science 2003
From the FIFA rules of the game its an offside when
"a player in an offside position...is...involved in active play by:
*interfering with play or
*interfering with an opponent or

*I love Kalou. Sure he messes up sometimes, but he was an extremely loyal player for this club, and came up with some huge goals. Chelsea fans often didn't give this guy the respect he deserves in my opinion.
Players like Gyan, Ayew, K-P.B, Danny Welbeck(Ghanaian parents), Muntari, and Abedi Pele(Ayew's father) make me happy to be Ghanaian.
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SIF because the alternatives are worse. Removing the appeal system would have governing bodies with too much authority over clubs. Imposing a punishment that is...
20 hours ago
Strangely enough, the most paid manager top 4 is: Pep, Mou, Ancelotti, Van Gaal its a game of reputation
SIF you know that's how footballing governments operate today. They investigate, they punish, the team has a set time to respond, and if they wanna challenge it...
22 hours ago
^ that's all im saying, it's not pure altruism" No doubt he is devoted to Chelsea
Well, he is the second most paid manager of 2015. No reason to ask for more money
1 day ago
Turan will not be able to play for the club until January as Barca are unable to register new players until 2016 Signing players ahead of time is nothing new. ...
They weren't banned during many of those signings. With the appeal, they were allowed to sign players. Now with the ban, they can buy players ahead of time. The...
No way we're keeping 4 strikers happy
They faced very low ranking teams.
England has been undefeated since 2014 world cup v Uruguay. However, the only good team they faced since is Italy (0-0)
Southampton are a rival team?
I hate the term "best ever". You can't compare generations. Football has developed so much idk if it's fair to say compare. Of course Messi would be "more talen...
@REDDevil98 Fair point. I used to think that until i heard it explained. Counting only major tournaments punish smaller national teams. Especially those who can...
I like this better than a system of football opinions. FIFA is f****d up but they aren't completley wrong with this system. I personally don't like the region s...
2 days ago
Wales V Belgium (1-0) gives Wales a huge amount of points since Belgium was 2nd place. 100(3x1x1.98x0.99)= 588.06 points
Their rankings aren't opinion based. It's all math. A points system is used, with points being awarded based on the results of all FIFA-recognised full internat...
So when are they announcing the new kits?
4 days ago
"They could, for example, have tighter shorts. Female players are pretty, if you excuse me for saying so, and they already have some different rules to men - su...
5 days ago
Did anyone really wanted the man who wanted the women players to wear shorter shorts to attend?
1 week ago
"fundamental differences in perspective exist between us" to me, that translates to asshole won't admit or change that he's an asshole.
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