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I've been watching football science 2003
From the FIFA rules of the game its an offside when
"a player in an offside position...is...involved in active play by:
*interfering with play or
*interfering with an opponent or

*I love Kalou. Sure he messes up sometimes, but he was an extremely loyal player for this club, and came up with some huge goals. Chelsea fans often didn't give this guy the respect he deserves in my opinion.
Players like Gyan, Ayew, K-P.B, Danny Welbeck(Ghanaian parents), Muntari, and Abedi Pele(Ayew's father) make me happy to be Ghanaian.
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The impact of debt depends on who you owe it to not just the amount. Chelsea’s parent company owes Roman Abramovich £958million. Don't think he'll be demandi...
1 hour ago
That was a while ago, why are u changing ur dp now?
Sarcasm is hard to detect on the internet. Don't take internet comments so seriously. Even if he wasn't joking it doesn't matter.
22 hours ago
He'll be president until the next election
This won't change much however
Blatter to resign!!!! http://m.bbc.com/sport/football/32982449 http://mobile.nytimes.com/2015/06/03/sports/soccer/sepp-blatter-to-resign-as-fifa-president.htm...
Never knew it was homophobic but they use it because they think we're fake fans. We're "bought" by Roman. I'm not offended by it really. Even Chelski isn't off...
2 days ago
^the people who actually did it including the cameraman James Pearson, 21, Tom Hopper, and Adam Smith, 22,
Curry all day!!!!!!
3 days ago
^gg no re remember that and you'll go far :)
^there mmore alike than u think. Keep in mind one is a French winger and the other a Burkina Faso striker. Making it into french first team is much more difficu...
4 days ago
@Khessler I understand and agree with you on that. I'm just taking up the contrary point to prove something which you understand. It's very hard though to have...
5 days ago
Doubt he'll get his debut this season. Even if he does I feel like he'll be another Kakuta. Really hope I'm wrong
Ugh, i wanted him to be a super-sub for us. We need depth in this squad. I'm guessing we're doing the same with Moses
@Khessle forced relocations without adequate compensation is not far form murder. They are moved with nothing else given after. Poor, out of work, and out of ho...
They have limited jurisdiction. Only charge those tied to America. The Swiss are the ones who have the real power to crack down on criminal mischief. Even then...
This is gonna spark problems when ratings come out. Let's say they make Marta better than Remy. Debates about how women stack up to men would start. If they ma...
Not pointing this out to defend Qatar(don't think they should host it) but I'll play a little bit of devil's advocate. As to say: Being involved in any major w...
Many major events have their violations of human rights to be fair. Olympics: The mining company that provided all of the medals involved in the deaths of up t...
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