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I've been watching football science 2003
From the FIFA rules of the game its an offside when
"a player in an offside position...is...involved in active play by:
*interfering with play or
*interfering with an opponent or

*I love Kalou. Sure he messes up sometimes, but he was an extremely loyal player for this club, and came up with some huge goals. Chelsea fans often didn't give this guy the respect he deserves in my opinion.
Players like Gyan, Ayew, K-P.B, Danny Welbeck(Ghanaian parents), Muntari, and Abedi Pele(Ayew's father) make me happy to be Ghanaian.
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It seems like if you can play well in the Liga you can play well in the BPL, no problem. But the BPL is a stronger more defensive league. All the players listed...
6 days ago
I purposely left out players because i know there's more and further support my point that it's not just a random group of individuals. @Moe there's a reason w...
The only negative so far for chelsea is the defense. we are tied for the 6th most scored team. Our new offensive style of play has costed us in the back. But ca...
Chelsea-15 goals 4 games Costa-7 goals 4 games
He's gonna be sacked, his side looks so bad it makes me feel bad for them at times.
U missed a hat trick....
Costa is yet another successful La Liga offensive player to fair well in the EPL. for long the argument is that (insert player here) won't put up nearly the sam...
The names is an obstacle that i can't see being resolved without it being bought. Any option to move right now results into this club being renamed. If that's t...
1 week ago
2 weeks ago
It's unbelievable how accurate that was
Players protect each other. As a player i completely understand Howards behavior. All he's doing is protecting his teammate. After scoring an own goal and being...
He's the best of both worlds https://twitter.com/Seckin_SuD/status/503582644702281729/photo/1
3 weeks ago
@bluff me2, with naruto and full metal alchemist added to it
I love it!!!!! season 2 was bad but i love avatar!!!!!!!!!!!
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England have missed their golden squad. without heskey, they'll never win a competition
Fergie did decide to leave united with a horrible squad and overlapping players(kagawa and rooney in same position)
Di forced a move and rejected a new contract
@TheBokiya http://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/news/funny-fernando-torres-advert-watch-1703542
Watch the video. ihe didn't say that. he said "i don't believe he's totally happy..."
4 weeks ago
They can: Sturridge, Sturling, Barkley, etc. good players is never an england problem. good team is
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