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Win the title or not, hope Milan can win all remaining match. Juve's form throughout the season is unexpected, but I am happy they come back as a major force ...
6 years ago
Haha, congrats!
I did not take credit from Chelsea man, it was a great job done by Chelsea. Sacrifices by Drogba and the whole team. But if you are given choices to eliminate b...
To be honest, in all 4 EPL teams in this CL, only Chelsea shows CL characters. After almost all best EPL players have joined Braca and Real Madrid, (except for ...
I think Barcelona was unlucky to get this result. Chelsea got a great game with determinations to reach the final, yet football world is more beautiful with Bar...
Chelsea is unbelievable, they were actually in a position that worse than Milan were. Barcelona's attacking is so fierce, yet I think Drogba made a totally diff...
Great game by Juventus, such a neat game to beat Napoli. The fight for title will only be tighter between Milan and Juve, though i hope Milan can win... and to ...
Robinho became decisive, Seedorf made a classic goal, Ibra is always that wonderful... Great game Milan!
Del Piero scored a signature and legendary curve!! Bring us back to 1997:-)
Cavani is a monster in this game, totally unplayable for Intel defense. Hope he will not carry this form against AC Milan.
Really great game! Liverpool shows great determination to win this game, congrats! Joe Hart constantly amazes me with his world-class savings while his teammat...
It is really like a PS game. Both sides' defenses treated ball really casually, seems like street football. Chelsea made too many mistakes and Van Persie took t...
The both sides' defenc
Perhaps it was a little harsh to send off Pepe, but Barcelona was still the better side in the game. Look at CR7, he was frustrated from beginning and he was t...
7 years ago
Carroll's powerful shoot is so impressive!!
Though Ibra was sent off again, Milan looks really confident right now, great! The race for title is not over, Inter and Napoli will fight until the last roun...
The one-on-one save is incredible
Valdes is at his best shape this match. Barca can win 3 points with substitutes, Madrid cannot. Basically this is their difference in this season.
Me 8, then it will be much easier for Milan, lol
Yeah, I agreed, inter has built their confidence in CL.
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