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And don't forget we have sell as wel Only Toure and Kolarov its 100 mil as well lol
3 years ago
Oh come please From where do you come up with those prices Bale £100 ???? Really ???
Those players are all realistic targets and can be available for the right price I just don't see PSG loosing two of there best talents in one summer But if w...
I know it's unrealistic but if we really have £200 mil to spend That would be my team ~~~~~~~~~~~Aguero~~~~~~~~~~~~ ...
Bony kind of walks like Aguero lol Great partnership
It's nice to see messi training in manchester lol I hope he does it more often in the future
I know I know
Finally the best formation 4.5.1 Yaya behind Aguero Can't wait And Fernando and fernandiho play defensively together Pelegrini is not so stubborn after all
I don't like the style of MP It looks like we are only attacking from the wings And so many useless crosses in the box from Navas and Kolarov When Aguero it'...
Hate to say it but there are some players that don't deserve To play for this team Not because they are bad players but it feels like they just don't care An...
Painful to watch
And also don't forget he gave Yaya that freedom to play more offensive football And made him one of the best players in the world He was far away from that in...
By the way today KELECHI IHEANACHO has a birthday Turns 18 Hopefully he comes to Man City as soon as possible
We are not getting it out way recently Very disappointing We can barely win a game Something has to change . I don't know if is tactics or the players don't ...
Should've been David Villa
Can't wait to see the game today Holding the tickets in my hand and counting the hours lol But before that I will stop by at the Madhatter pub for a drink And ...
What's the difference anyways As long as he is the best player on the field I don't care even if he is 40
David Villa and Lampard are coming to my city I can't believe it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is time to enjoy good football with big players here as well Thank you she...
I agree that we have to promote young players from the academy But I was just talking about next season and I don't think they are ready They can play here an...
4 years ago
I was just thinking how we can get away with the FFP this Year and still impove and much stronger for next season . We can't spend more then 50 mil £ and keep...
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