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24 year old Male
Socializing. Listening, playing and creating music. Watching, Discussing and playing soccer. Movies and Reading. 420 baby.
Stress, Gossipy people, Rain, The way shit music gets elevated to such high levels nowadays and real talent can go there whole lives unnoticed. Pricks who feel the need to fight on the street at night and generally act like douchbags.
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Young male living in the west of Ireland. Enjoys simple things. Good food, Having a drink with friends, getting a few instruments together and having a jam. 420 on a fine day.
Im a gooner but i follow a team in most leagues, and dislike more than one team(to varying degrees) in a couple of leagues.
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Damn but i cant help being proud to be irish. Comprehensively outplayed in all 3 mathes, 0 Points, 90's style play... meh, STILL SINGING!
5 years ago
Son of John and Mary O'Telly. He should be playing for ireland! :P
Id prefer Pirlos free, VDVs curler and welbecks spinning heel. Marios, while fabulous technique, was aided by O'Shea not defending properly.
Yeah, i suppose, but its still the best place iv found. gift horse and all that...
And 2 for you bud, cheers.
Er, who said i hate these teams...? Just because iv listed these teams as rivals doesn't mean i hate them. They're just rivals to the team i follow. i respect a...
Wow... fantastic analytic response to my comment. Now, i wasn't being completely serious when i said that but because of that here we go. Bruno Uvini started wi...
JESUS F CHRIST man thats a bit dark!
Yeah!!!!!! You know whats important about Messi and CR7.... They make loadsa MONEY!!!! So dont insult them... cos theyre rich. and you cant go around talking sm...
Ronaldo is a drag racer. Focking lightning in a straight line. Messi is a Lotus exige. Lighting fast going round corners.
Looks like hes gonna starve so...
Van der Weil, and dont be too harsh on him. he ran himself into the ground in that match trying to make up for Ron Vlaars complete ineptitude.
RVP is a confidence player. But its not how he is playing that gives him confidence, its the players hes playing with. In the Holland Team only Sneijder and Aff...
Even Brazils Olympic Squad had a better defence than Holland in this euros. And who cares which is better, you cant judge the better player on two completely un...
The cartoon dog or Usain? :)
Right here. still hate him... nah, hates a bit strong. i cant really hate someone whoz never done anything to me personally but i still reeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaa...
:) yeah you definitely cannot fault Muller for effort no matter what game he plays. I still dont think hes as good technically or as creative as some of the oth...
Probably not awesome alright, but it didnt have to be. With 6 points the could afford to hold back a little. Maybe not intentionally, but in the back of their m...
Yeah... weird that. Both complete flops and Bayern but two of the best of recent times for Germany. It seems to be a bit of a strange team, you either love it t...
...really...? Classy.
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