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Hey man can you tell me how mario martinez is doing in RSC? is he a bench player or starting 11?
8 years ago
I've seen the game, we all know villa is the top stuff, but he hasn't made much impression on me yesterday. don't ask me why though. third goal from valencia wa...
Damn', what a game. it was a good night for footy. no one has given to props to cesar sanchez yet, for me he was the man of the match.
Congrats to stijnen, he played a great game. kinda sad he isn't our national goalie anymore.
This is why i love rsca, really good game.
Love the alien and butthead, spot on. :D
Damn', first time we lost at home this season, second time we lost to stvv (hmmmmm) and third time in this competition. but, we played well, especially the wav...
Thanks, lukaku is a beast and together with little boussoufa they're invincible. i think belgian football is getting on tracks again, which we have to confirm ...
Shitty ref indeed. but what a game. i was there, holding my breath when boussoufa took that final chance. what a relief afterwards.
Witsel was unlucky due to the ref and his history. i think red is a bit too harsh. poor witsel. poor standard. shitty ref. i enjoyed the match though. :D
Poor Sierens, what a crazy owngoal.
Reason enough, haha. Now I want to go too.
Yeah, I knew when Koster signed the deal he'd do well. Half my family is Dutch, so I also keep track of the Dutch teams. Koster was in charge of a difficult Aja...
Thanks, a friend recommended this site and I was like, damn', this is awesome, so I registered right away. Brings footyfans together. See you're a Bruges suppo...
Best book in my opinion is Crime and Punishment by Dostojevski. Damn', if only I could write such streams of consciousness, such detailed characters, such moral...
Oh, and... No one beats Dumile (MF DOOM). He outdoes every rapper in any aspect; lyrics (/drool), flow, voice, image, humor, etc. The guy's just pure genius, I...
He uses his moniker Metal Fingers to release the Special Herbs series, these are all instrumental, the beats he made. I think you mean those records.
Hi mate, welcome to the site! Good to see some more Belgians here.
I think that wasn't the case, the ref saw Juhasz commiting a foul on Van Buyten in the box.
Hope he stays with Anderlecht 'til he's 20, he's gonna be bigger and we kinda need him. Now he gets confidence by the trainer and is in the starting eleven, whi...
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