MesuO23 (Jeronee) is ready for An El Classico win,
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MesuO23 wrote in On X3R0s wall
Listen, mate, sorry, if i caused you any problems, hope we can forget about this
6 years ago
An own goal xD
Man City, try to absorb pressure for tooo long, United launched wave after wave attacks, and therfore their resistance crumbled, i like this Man City side, but ...
Thanks mate
I like this club, but one fan, has no consideration for clubs like Real, or Ajax, granted, the other user was a bit of a nightmare, but still, i think i might r...
Meanwhile, the awkward moment, when Arsenal, can't win the Emirates cup
Can someone tell me, why i got voted rude, when i insulted nothing at Arsenal, defended Ajax, and came on this wall, in peace
Can You guys, beleive the Audacity, of Arsenal fans, they voted me rude, just cause, i defended Ajax, and they voted me rude, and Insulted, Both Real and Ajax, ...
Can't wait, it's now just a week away, Hala Madrid :)
Anyone else feeling a drubbing xD
To be truthful, After watching Dortmund yesterday, i though they lookes somehat sharper without him, but we got him, thats all i care
Ironically, he gave a man his shirt after he broke his nose LMAO
Hate to imagine, if it killed a grown man, how would it affect a child like Dani Alves
Never write of Messi, he's the only Barca player who is modest, and i respect, not like, respect, basically, but we all know, how good he is when Xavi & Iniesta...
Watched him in his Schalke 04 days,was impressive, nowhere where he is now though xD
Jose, Beating Barcelona, is special, even more in a cup final, how did you do it "Well, Simple, i trained with 10 men", xD, gotta Love Jose
Just imagine, we were playing big, Lol
Anything else, cause, it's getting creepy, ;), just kidding, even loved his performances at Werder,
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