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I think what pisses arsenal fans off the most is that last year rvp had said how he loves Arsenal and London, how he owes Arsenal everything and that he wanted ...
5 years ago
The stats i saw removed the top scorer's goal from every team. Whats interesting is that madrid would stay first without all ronaldos goals which kinda says a l...
I don't understand y pep keeps dropping pique from the starting 11. Sure he's had his ups and downs but I felt he rlly put in some solid performances in the rec...
6 years ago
Best. Comment. Ever.
Muller's. 68 goals in a single season in all competitions. (but I think he did it in like 40 something games which is absolutely retarded)
Dunno where u went to watch the game but it clearly wasnt in quebec. The quebequers go absolutely nuts for hockey. If u ever watch a habs game ud know this. Thi...
I disagree. The liga is real's to lose. All barca can do is win the remainder of their games and hope for the best. At the end of the season, if barca finish on...
Does anyone know what exactly is considered to be a successful dribble ? I've always found it weird that players like messi, ronaldo, suarez, etc.. only average...
Lol neither penalty kicks nor free kicks are part of our "gameplan".. The players that take the most s**t on our team for diving are alves n busquets. Both of w...
I agree with everything u have said except for the fact the reason madrid are ahead are cuz of the refs. IMO the reason barca are behind is because of their a...
Torres also had 24 goals in 29 games in 07/08 and 14 goals in 20 games in 08/09. Could u do that too?
If u could outrun lahm and chip the ball over lehman and give your country its first ever european silverware ever then wtf are u doing on footytube?
Torres has been garbage since 08?? Are u high or something? Torres scored the game winner vs Germany in the euro 2008...
Lol its all good we dont want or even need Torres. even if Torres was in top form I would argue that hed still be a bad buy. Hes a poacher and a true 9 which me...
Somewhere on FootyTube
He said "MANY teams are getting on the Belgium band wagon" not just man city...
Lol @ drogbas reaction when adebayor said he was off form :P
How do u guys think the starting 11 is gonna look for spain in the euro 2012? Theres so many players who deserve to make the team but theres but theres not enou...
Holy crap i had no idea he has doing thaat good lol. If torres and villa arent inform or fit by the summer then i wouldnt be surprised if raul or soldado get ca...
Heres how i see, Suarez should get suspended for what he said since it is a derogatory and demeaning word. Regardless of how he meant or how its used in his cou...
Toure is such a boss! How many turnovers did he force by throwing people around? I stopped counting after 5 or 6 lol
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