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Hey royal madrid look up why ronaldo cried he cried cos his dad died
6 years ago
Go away chelsea fan, the keeper is perfectly ready or else he could have stood still but he ran across to save it however he thought it was going over and lande...
Jackie123 Shut up. you don't even the matchs and just see the result. Oh yeah messi wouldn't last for a month in the prem, he would last until he's in his sixty...
Sorry top 5
I can't believe not any of messi's goal are in the top 10 goals of the week cos his goals were a class a part definetely deserves goal of the week
YEP we know busquets is a diver on the floor. but Pepe is a diver and a wrestler
15:00 Pepe was such a wuss 16:15 Pepe totally did it delibarately look how he looked down while doing it, SUCH AN IDIOT! I don't agree with rooney, a lot but I ...
Pepe is a stupid retard , Diving and nearly breaking someone elses hand. I wish that messi stepped on his hand. Real Madrid is a stupid disgrace to football. Th...
Arsenal were really unlucky. Man city has given up barcelona's style of play(which they stole in hope of winning a trophy) and now is using the classic counter ...
I'm starting to worry about Barca, this season they've been brilliant at home but crap away. Mainly because the mentality of teams at home vs barca is all 11 p...
I was REALLY expecting more from the argentineans and messi. In the first half dominant but second they ended up being lucky. I will always be an argentina fan ...
I really am soory for spain in this match, cos they knocked the ball and I struggled to see England get the ball. In barcelona really half the time messis scori...
I would like to say why r there so many man u fans on this page telling us we r making excuses. First win against Man city before giving us stick
Real Madrid are way stronger than last season, Barcelona really neeed to be at there best to beat them.... IF THEY BEAT them
LOL De Sanctis Fastest runner ever. Usain Bolt better watch out
Great play real madrid, and u ronaldo for ur 100th goal
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